Five Reasons Why I Love Writing

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” — Maya Angelou

5. It’s Fun. Simply put, it’s something that I enjoy. Something that I look forward to doing is sitting down, opening up a word document, and just writing. Just like some people enjoy sitting down and eating a good meal (yes, well, I like that too), or watching Football, or — like my dad — gardening, writing is one of the things that I look forward doing the most.

4. Screw the Rules. I think I might have to explain this one a little more. I usually write Urban Fantasy/Dystopian/Paranormal, and in these sorts of genres, you can pretty much do whatever you want. There’s no correct way of portraying a vampire or dragon, or whatever else it might be you’re writing about. If you’re writing more realistic fiction then then you’re obviously not going to make your protagonist a faerie, but I like the freedom that the Urban Fantasy/Dystopian/Paranormal genres give me.

3. A Form of Expression. I’m a very, very shy person. Even on the Internet, I’m hesitant to start talking to people. But with writing, it feels different. I feel like I can write whatever without being judged on myself.

2. Escaping Reality. Well, this is definitely the biggest one for me. Only about  ten percent of my brain lives in reality, and that’s because it’s pretty much forced to. For me, writing is a way of escaping my own life for a few hours and delving into someone else’s. Dealing with their problems. Living in their world. There’s always a hard hit of reality when I close that Word Document and go back to my normal, relatively normal life.

1. The Satisfaction of Saying: Hey, I finished a novel! It might only be a rough first draft, but it’s still a novel, right? How many people can say that they’ve actually written a novel? (:

So there are my top five reasons about why I love writing! So, what are yours?


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