Five Reason Why I Hate Writing


A follow up post to Five Reason Why I Love Writing!

“Ink and paper are sometimes passionate lovers, oftentimes brother and sister, and occasionally mortal enemies” — Emme Woodhull-Bäche

Firstly, let me just tell you how much I love that quote above. Because it couldn’t be truer. Sometimes you I just love writing, and other times I wonder why I couldn’t have chosen an easier passion. But at the end of the day — I won’t stop writing.

5. It’s frustrating as heck. There are days in which I can’t figure out how to word things, or I’ve written myself into a wall. Or I’m just in a bad mood. And then are the days where I think that everything I’ve written is pretty much crap. There are also days when I want to just throw my laptop out the window because I am so annoyed, but then I realise that I have one and a half seasons of Pretty Little Liars on there, and two seasons of Glee, so I don’t.

4. Writing a book is complicated. Like, really complicated.

3 . There are so many components to worry about. Plot, characterisation, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, show don’t tell (damn you) … ect. Those are just to name a few. I could probably add more if I wanted to.

2. It takes time. I am one of the most impatient person you’ll ever meant, and this is something that I have had to realise. You can’t finish a novel overnight. It takes a lot of time to write and edit and revise a novel.

1. I always feel that it’s never good enough. I am sure that I am most definitely not alone here, which does make me feel exceptionally better. But when it comes to writing, I am a perfectionist. The problem with this is that nothing is perfect, and I have a hard time accepting that.

So yeah, you get the gist of what I’m trying to say. Happy late Australia Day, by the way! How did you all celebrate?


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