CampNaNoWriMo Post #2

“A deadline is, simply put, optimism in its most kick-ass form. It’s a potent force that, when wielded with respect, will level any obstacle in its path. This is especially true when it comes to creative pursuits.” — Chris Baty

Another week of CampNaNoWriMo is down! I officially finished the second draft of the novel I had been working on (yay!) and have started working on an older first draft of mine that I’ve been wanting to revisit for awhile now. I talked about how I thought it would be hard to transition into my new character’s head, which is proving to be easier than I once thought. I read through the manuscript once to get an idea of the characters and plot once more, and I’m good to go.

There’s not much else to report this week — but I am on track with what I’m supposed to be, so that’s a good sign.

Current word count for Week Two: 7021/7000

Overall word count: 15021/30000

See you all next week! (:


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