[Book Review] Echoes of Balance by Cally Ryanne



3/5 stars

For Chloe Moraine, fighting wild bears– and the occasional vampire– is a better pastime than the tediousness of keeping the universe in balance. But balancing is the family business. It comes with being one of the last in the ancient line of Naimei.

So when the impending return of the Original Demons threatens global harmony, Chloe is obligated to help. Even when that means the dull-as-dirt task of following a human girl who “might be involved, maybe,” instead of the thrilling hunt she craves.

With their powerful magic and ancient Ways, Chloe’s family is unconcerned, certain they’ll quickly fix the imbalance while she’s preoccupied with human high school. But when the Ways start to fail, the threat becomes more serious, and the only person that seems to know anything is a debonair vampire with an offer to help.

If Chloe chooses to trust him, and the darker side of the supernatural he represents, she’ll betray her family and risk losing them, and herself, in the process. But if he’s right, he may just be their only chance to stop the return of the Originals and save the world.

Maybe high school won’t be so boring after all.

First off, let’s just take a moment to appreciate that cover. Like really. It’s awesome.

Echoes of Balance by Cally Ryanne is a fun, fresh, and fantastic take on the paranormal/urban fantasy genre.  I wasn’t sure what I would be getting from REUTS Publications – a fairly new independent publisher that mixes self-publishing and traditional publishing techniques – but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. They are definitely a publisher to look out for.

Cally Ryanne uses a simplistic, yet not basic, writing style, that is easy to breeze through. When I read (and occasionally review) novels, a big part of it for me is the writing style. For me, they can’t be too bland, not overly descriptive, but somehow they need to achieve a balance between the two. Ryanne did this with her style.

The storyline incorporates the majority of many of the popular urban fantasy and paranormal creatures – vampires, witches, shifters, and so on – which under usual circumstances would appear to be clichéd and overused,  but I think they were handled in an original way. I also loved the concept of the Ways, and keeping things in balance, though I did feel that part could have been explained a touch more. I didn’t give this one five stars because I didn’t entirely connect with the characters. Because the novel was quite short, I didn’t think there was enough characterization of some of the major characters, and therefore it was hard for me to fully connect and relate to them.

Overall, though – a thoroughly enjoyable novel. I am definitely excited for what else REUTS Publications and their authors come out with next. (:

Lastly – thank you so much to REUTS Publications for this e-arc!

You can also read this review on my Goodreads account.


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