Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (1)

Hi guys! Every Sunday, I’ll be posting a weekly wrap up of books, my writing, and anything else I see fit to talk about. If you’re interested, you can check out the rest of my blog schedule here. (Every day I’ll be blogging with the exception of Saturday.) I’ll run it for a few weeks to see how I go or if I need to make any changes to it to suit my life and whatnot. But I’m excited about really trying for this blogging thing.

Because today’s the first post, it’s going to be more of a wrap up of the last couple of weeks to get you up to speed on what’s been going on rather than just this week. From every post onward, though, it’ll be only for one week.

As you might (or might not) know, I’m am an avid Wattpadder. I joined the site in 2011, and I’ve been hopelessly addicted to posting my stories online there ever since. It’s rather frightening, really, to know that anyone anywhere can click on your story/ies and read it. They might enjoy it. They might completely hate it. Over the years I’ve become scarily okay with both. But anyway, that’s not the point. Last year, I entered the Watty Awards for my novel The Sweetest Sorrows of Ava Hale, and it made it into the Most Popular Mystery/Thriller category. It didn’t win in that, unfortunately, but it did, however, win the Sourcebooks Story Development Prize. WHICH IS TOTALLY AWESOME. Because, quite frankly, it was a massive shock (in a good way). I didn’t think I was good enough; but then again, what writer ever does? To view the page, just click on the image.


In other writerly news, I made the terrifying decision of rewriting my NaNoWriMo 2013 novel. Three and a half chapter are done, and about twenty two more to go. Comparing it with my last NaNoWriMo novel (coincidentally, The Sweetest Sorrows of Ava Hale) I am so far keeping more of the first draft than I did with my 2012 novel. Probably because I had a clearer direction of where I was going in my 2013 novel; I knew the main character’s motivations better; and, also, I knew how the novel was going to end before I even started it. Ironically — I planned/outlined more of my 2012 novel than my 2013 one. Hah. Go figure.

Also this week: I gave my top tips for writers, and posted a review of Golden by Jessi Kirby.

In bookish news this week, I posted my first Stacking the Shelves post, and updated a blog schedule which I’m determined to stick to. In my bought books section this week, I purchased Cinder and The Assassin’s Blade (which I didn’t even know was out yet — so that was an exciting surprise) as well as a few borrowed books from my library. You can check out the rest of the books in the link back there. I may not have a Stacking the Shelves post every week — but when I have some books to post about.

So that’s pretty much everything exciting that’s happened to be recently.

Have a great week,



2 thoughts on “Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (1)

  1. Congrats for your novel! What do you win? Bragging rights? Because bragging rights are great.

    I’ve never really got into Wattpad but I hear it’s great for sharing stories. I HAVE, however, done NaNoWriMo. Twice now. I haven’t even touched my 2013 novel – I’m backlogged rewriting my Camp NaNoWriMo novel from July last year!

    Good luck and happy writing :)

    • Thanks, Emily! The prize is to work with the Sourcebooks editors to be developed for *possible* publication–WHICH I’M SO EXCITED about. And of course there is bragging rights involved. (;

      NaNoWriMo is awesome. Even though my drafts always suck, hah. Good luck with rewriting — it’s hard but totally worth it. ^_^

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