[BOOK REVIEW] Enmity by E.J Andrews



1/5 stars

After a solar flare wipes out most of the world’s inhabitants, it leaves behind nothing but a desolate earth and a desperate population. Existence is no longer a certainty. And with factions now fighting for the power to rule, people start to become reckless with their lives. The world has become a dangerous place.

Amongst the ensuing chaos, Nate and Hermia — two victims of the new world order — are taken against their will to The Compound. Joined by eight other teenagers all chosen for a specific reason, Nate and Hermia are forced to train as assassins to overthrow the current president and make way for a new leader of the free world. Here, they learn to plan, fight, and most importantly… to survive.

Except, despite the casual cruelty of their new existence, both Nate and Hermia — two very strong but very different people — begin to form fragile bonds within the group. But they soon realize their happiness is short lived…because their training is just the beginning.

A war awaits…regardless of how ready or willing they may be.

Enmity by E.J Andrews could have been a fantastic, action-packed, and romantic read if only it had lived up to its potential. The novel opened up promising: it opens up just before the solar flare that destroyed most of the world takes place, and follows the story in alternating point of views of Hermia and Nate. Nate and Hermia (gorgeous name, might I add), along with a bunch of other teenagers (who are badly characterized, unfortunately) are forced to become assassins to overthrow the president.

My first piece of criticism is the alternating point of views. Ordinarily, I don’t like how novels flick back and forth between two protagonists in first person. Their narration is all meshed together until sometimes I’m unsure about whose point of view I’m actually reading. On more than one occasion I had to flick back some pages to check, which is a sign of not very good writing in my opinion.

First person present tense is a tough writing style to conquer, and I’m afraid that E.J Andrews did not master it. I felt myself slugging through it most of the time I was reading, skimming over paragraphs that were badly written, and just wanting to get to the end. There was enough action and intrigue to keep my interest, yes, but the writing style let the storyline down. It was also a fairly short novel — I was able to start and finish it in only a few hours.


(Thank you, Sam, for summing up my feelings for this novel.)

The romance in Enmity was another major let down. It was rushed and moved much too quickly. For example, one of the characters was declaring their love for another by page 133. This bothered me a lot—they hardly knew each other. The relationship I am referring to was painful to read to the point of eye-rolling, and I found that there were few, if any, redeemable factors of this novel.

Alas, there was nothing special about this. There are better dystopian reads out there.

Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Australia for this eARC. 


2 thoughts on “[BOOK REVIEW] Enmity by E.J Andrews

  1. I AM SO WITH YOU. Agh. This was all sorts of painful….and I’m just furiously disappointed because it looked like it’d be a good one! But I don’t think the writing was good at all….it felt clumsy and too wordy and agh, the characters? I just wasn’t so keen on either of the narrators. This wasn’t a fun experience for me either. :|

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