Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. You can find all the awesome details of the meme right here. If you run a blog, I highly suggest you join it — it’s great fun!

This is my first Top Ten Tuesday, so I super excited to dive right into it. I’ve done lists before, so I figured I would join in on Top Ten Tuesday while I’m at it. Today’s topic is… Top Ten Authors I’ve Never Read. I’ll admit — I had to really think  about this one. I’ve read a lot of books and whenever an author is mentioned a lot, or hovers on the edge of ‘popularity’ I’m usually already on board; but I managed to find a few I’ve never read (yet). I wasn’t sure what defines a popular author, exactly, but these are authors whose books I’ve heard of quite a bit for one reason or another. (This is in no particular order.)

When I finished writing this post, I was honestly left with this question: Why haven’t I read these books by these popular authors? And to be honest I haven’t come up with an adequate answer.




1. Rainbow Rowell. I’ve heard quite a bit about Rowell’s Fangirl and Eleanor & Park — yet I’ve never actually read them. Crazy, right? I know that when (yes, when) I read I do eventually read them I’ll probably enjoy them, but they don’t seem to be available in Australia. I’ll probably cave in and order them online!

2. Markus Zusak. When I saw the topic for Top Tuesday, I knew I would be adding this author to the list. After the success of The Book Thief, and with the movie being recently released, I’ve been rather apprehensive about reading this. It’s not that I don’t want to, just that the storyline is not something I would usually read and enjoy.

3. Scott Westerfeld. Author of the Uglies books, another series that I really have been meaning to read…but have never come around to reading it.

4. Sarah Dessen. Never read Sarah Dessen?! Yep. Never. Not once. I’ve seen her books in libraries, bookstores and websites; I’ve even picked them up, read the blurb, but her stories just don’t seem to appeal to me. I’m not saying that I’d never read them, but there are other books by authors I’d never read before. Like Kristin Cashore.

5.  Kristin Cashore. I did some research for this post and I was actually surprised to know that I’ve never, ever read any of this author’s books. I love, love, love high fantasy — so why have I never read them? I’ve meant to, sure; the blurb’s of her books sound wonderful and intriguing, and I don’t even know why I’ve never read them.

6. Neal Shusterman. Shusterman has published books like Unwind and while I’ve heard wonderful, wonderful things about his books, I’ve never thought, “Oh, hey, I should really read these books.” Maybe one day . . .

7. Gayle Forman. I actually have a copy of If I Stay sitting on my bookshelf. It was only $3 dollars at a booksale and I thought why not? and bought it. It was an impulse buy, I’ll admit, and in hindsight, maybe that wasn’t a great idea, because I’m not sure it’s my cup of tea.

8. Marie Lu. Author of the Legend series, I’ve heard heaps and heaps about them. I’ve seen the books in the library, gone even as far as to borrow it…but I haven’t read it. And I won’t lie — part of the reason was the font one of the POVs has been published in. Stupid to be so picky about something like that, I know, I know.

9.  Neil Gaiman. The second Neil on this list! (Even though Neal is spelt different, you get what I mean.) And yep, never read any of this books, though I have heard that he’s supposed to be a good writer. After a quick glance at some of the books I’ve read, most of them are by female authors. Huh. Interesting.

10. Lauren DeStefano. DeStefano’s Wither series seems to be quite popular (and heartbreaking, from some of the reviews I’ve read) but I’ve never gone out of the way to actually seek them out to read them. Why? I don’t know. The covers are gorgeous…but there’s just something about the storyline that doesn’t appeal to me.

What do you think? Am I missing out on some great reads here?


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

  1. When I started drafting my post, I totally thought, “Oh I’ll be awesome with this.” DUH NO. My list is quite embarrassing actually! I haven’t read Markus Zusak or Sarah Dessan either. Or Kristin Cashore. Or Lauren DeStefano… I wasn’t such a fan of Legend by Marie Lu, but I HAVE read her. And OMG Unwind was spectacular, but I haven’t finished the series. And Neil Gaiman…he’s weird, but a must try. ;)

    • Heh, I think most people are finding that they’re surprised at the amount of popular authors they haven’t yet read. I think I will have to give Neal/Neil a try sometime. (:

      So many books, so little time . . .

  2. Welcome to all that is fun with Top Ten prompts!

    It’s perplexing to want to delve into your TBR pile only to come across another book that skips the TBR pile and gets immediately cracked opened — at least that’s how it is for me haha. I’m also quite dubious about The Book Thief! But I think at times it’s the unexpected reads that change your perspective on some genres (or maybe this is just wishful thinking?).

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts
    My TTT This Week

    • I agree with you! My perspective on books always changes as I’m reading. Sometimes I just need that one amazing book in a genre I wouldn’t usually read to make me interested in that whole genre. Thanks for the comment!

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