Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (2)


It’s that time again! This is my second Weekly Wrap Up post where I wrap up everything that’s happened during the last week.

In Writing News: I’ve dived into editing my NaNoWriMo 2013 novel, and made eight chapters progress this week, and hoping to do something similar in the weeks that follow. The funny thing about this WIP? I thought when I started editing it I would be rewriting it completely — word for word like I have done with most of my novels —  but in fact, so far, I’m keeping a large portion of it. Most of it has been written again, but here are some paragraphs which I’ve kept the same. I have made some drastic changes, and I’ve realized that I’m probably going to change the entire ending of the novel, too. It other writerly news, I posted about receiving criticism, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

In Bookish News: This week, I posted a review of Enmity by E.J Andrews, which was a disappointing read to say the least. This week was my first Top Ten Tuesday, in which I talked about the top ten popular authors I’ve never read. An interesting fact: there were more popular authors I haven’t read than I originally thought. And as I looked around at other people’s blog, I found even more authors which I’ve realized I never read — even though I’d definitely like to. In my first Thursday Quotables post, I highlighted some of my favourite quotes from Aimee Carter’s Pawn. My second Stacking the Shelves post showcased the books (I know, even more books; how am I going to find the time to read them all) I borrowed from the library.

That’s it for me! See you tomorrow with a new book review. Hint: it includes many flailing gifs.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (2)

  1. Flailing GIFs? I’m so here tomorrow. Congrats on getting so much editing done! I hate/love editing. Rewriting is a bit easier, imo, then first-drafting…but editing burns my brain cells. I just never know if I’m making it better or destroying everything! ARGH. xD Still, sounds like a very successful week for you.

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