Friday Rambles: Why I Think Writers Are Mad


Hey, all! So in this weekly (maybe semi-weekly) segment, I will pretty much be rambling about anything that’s on my mind — whether it’s book/writing related or not. Friday will alternate between Stacking the Shelves, and Friday Rambles. No Stacking the Shelves today — I have a massive TBR pile sitting beside my laptop, mocking me — but I did receive and e-ARC of Don’t Look back by Jennifer L. Armentrout, which I’m so excited to start. But for today, it’s a Friday Rambles post.

Today’s post? Why I think writers are slightly very mad.


We research some possibly awkward and/or uncomfortable things. Best places to hide a body? Teenage serial killers? Medieval torture methods (wow, there are some bizarre methods out there; and to think, someone actually thought of that stuff!?)? How many days it takes a person to die of dehydration and starvation? How to get away with a murder without anyone realizing? Common early sings of pregnancy? Yeah. Those are to just name a few of the things that we writers have to research. I’m glad my laptop is in my room because otherwise my parents might come across an exceptionally uncomfortable Google search and send me to the nut house. And those listed above are just a few of the Google searches I’ve done over the last few months that I’ve remembered from the top of my head.

We love our characters — really, we do — but we also put them through a lot of crap. And enjoy it. Or maybe I’m just a particularly sadistic writer.

We’re writers . . . but we’re also procrastinators. I think most writers suffer from a case of procrastinating what needs to be done, whether that’s rewriting a scene you know needs to be in there, or pushing through that god-awful first draft. We also get distracted very eas– Ooh, hey, look, a new tweet.


We love our work — and we hate it. I’m positive I’m not alone on this one. If I didn’t believe in my writing, I obviously wouldn’t be writing it. So in a way, I do love my work, especially at the beginnings of new drafts — where the novel is Still Very Shiny and Exciting. But then . . . we actually take the time to read through our drafts. And then all our lovely fantasies of having a wonderfully amazing first draft comes crashing around our ears, and we think, Wait, I wrote that shit?

Our muse has a habit of awakening at really, really bad times. I spent the greater part of last evening trying to come up with a title for my new dark contemporary mystery/thriller novel — and hey, I did come up with some things, but they weren’t very good. I knew I could do better than that. The title idea struck me at approximately 3:25 in the morning. I scrambled out of bed, knocking my iPod and water bottle to the floor, blankets askew, to try to find my notebook and write it down. (In hindsight it would have been easier to write it down on the Notebook app on my iPod, but my 3 AM brain wasn’t thinking very clearly.) Other bad times where my muse overloads my brain with ideas: in the shower (Quick! Get out before you forget it!); during school work; and in the car when I haven’t brought my trusty notebook with me.


Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Friday Rambles: Why I Think Writers Are Mad

  1. *raises hand guiltly* I, um…am reading this right now because a) I’m procrastinating and b) I think my writing sucks. xD So I’ll say for definite and for sure you’re 100% spot on with this! Agh, those dang ideas while you’re in bed. Honestly, the second I turn off my computer and turn off the lights, I have the most brilliant plot ideas/titles/scenes/endings/answer-to-world-peace/characters/names/THE WORKS. I use that little notepad app on my iPod a lot of a lot. Nooooo there’s nothing wrong with us. Mahwhaah. NOTHING.

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