Friday Rambles: When Publishers Change Covers During a Series

This is something that really, really bugs me. I could seriously go on about this for a long time. And maybe it’s because of my slight OCD that I like to see all my books lined up with similar covers, not ones that are entirely different. I’m sure that the publishes have their reasons — but whhhhyyyyy?!




Divergent — Veronica Roth. The first cover, the U.S edition, was first released in Australia in paperback. But … a year later, when Insurgent was due to release, we get the U.K edition. Urgh! I ordered the last two books online just to avoid this. Get your crap together, Australia: get us either the U.S or U.K edition! Not both!










Crewel — Gennifer Albin. There were two different covers for the first novel, but both changed as the whole series was given a makeover. To this day I actually do not know why and what was wrong with the original covers.












Shatter me — Tahereh Mafi. Again, shortly after the first novel was published, the covers were changed to something else entirely… and I feel as though it wasn’t an improvement. (Note: these are the Australian versions of the cover, the U.S editions are better, but not that great.)



Ignite Me layouts 02 selects.indd







Delirium — Lauren Oliver. This was a book I purely bought for the cover, because, well, I thought it was gorgeous. Later on they decided to change the covers, not sure why. (Note: the last two covers are the U.S edition, I think. I’ve seen both the U.S and U.K edition floating around Australian stores.)










The Immortal Rules — Julie Kagawa. I think these covers were changed because the model on the cover wasn’t Asian-looking enough, and the publisher was accused of “whitewashing” it. I’m not 100% sure, but I think it was something like that. (Note: the last two covers are the U.S edition — Australia, thankfully, have had similar-looking covers the whole way through, only with a model that looks Asian.)








Note: New covers were published for the first in the series as well, but for an OCD freak like me who’d already bought the first book, I’m sure you can imagine how frustrating it is when covers are constantly being changed and re-published.



Tell me in the comments below what you think when publishers decide to change covers! I’m sure I’ve missed plenty of them, so if you know any more, drop a comment to tell me.








6 thoughts on “Friday Rambles: When Publishers Change Covers During a Series

  1. Ugh, I honestly hate the Aussie Shatter Me covers. They’re just really cheesy. They’ve done this for Anna and the French Kiss too, which means that Isla and the Happily Ever After won’t be published in the original copy – luckily I have the updated ones. OH, and also, it’s really annoying when different editions have different HEIGHTS, so they don’t fit in the bookshelf properly. Great topic :)

  2. *weeps quietly in OCD companionship* YES. Why Shatter Me?! Why. I mean, they’re awful anyway, but the original cover…argh. Fear my tutu?! I just…no. And also the Divergent ones make me weep. I have Divergent in the USA cover and Allegiant in the UK cover and NO Insurgent. So when I buy Insurgent, which way do I lean? Either way, the series is hopelessly divided amongst itself. Why change those Crewel covers….wow. That’s a great mystery.

  3. Another awful thing is when covers don’t change but the size does, it’s just as bad as changing covers.
    Where did you order Insurgent and Allegiant from since I’m also trying to get the US edition as well D:

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