Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (5)


Yet another week has passed. Let’s recap what happened . . .

In Bookish News: Book Review Monday consisted of John Dreamer by Elise Celine. Not my favourite read of the year, however, I did like the surreality to the story that the author incorporated very well. On Tuesday, I posted the top ten things on my bookish bucket list. Last week, I read This Song Will Save Your Life and loved it, so that was this week’s Thursday Quotables. And on Friday… Are you frustrated when publishers change covers during a series? So am I.

In Writing News: In writing-related news, I blogged about writing schedules. I don’t have one — with my lifestyle and personality I don’t like sticking to things — but it’s just about finding what/what isn’t right for you. I’ve rewritten two chapters of City of Illusions, and it’s going better this week than last. I’m going through it slowly, yes, but it will be done eventually; and already, I’m liking it better than the first draft. It’s cleaner and more precise (though my opinion may change later).

Now I’m going to pass out because I’m exhausted.



Check back here tomorrow for a review of Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith.


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