Thursday Quotables: Bird by Crystal Chan


Thursday Quotables is a meme hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies. It’s an opportunity to share stand-out quotes from your current read; if you want to know more the Bookshelf Fantasies blog click here.

 Hi, guys! This is one of my favourite segments of the week because I get to showcase quotes from the book I’m currently reading. And as soon as I had read the first chapter of Bird, I knew I just had to do a post on it. I think it’s wonderfully written, with many great quotes. I had to whittle it down to only a few, because really, the whole book is just one amazing piece of work. So here we go.


20614787“Grandpa stopped speaking the day he killed my brother, John.”


“The sky was never so big. I felt like an ant making my way over the dark earth as I ran on the     finely ground gravel road, up the little swelling hill, and then back down it on the other side.”


“He held out his hand, and I took it and shook it, just like the grown-up I was becoming. I was surprised at how firm his grip was, like we were going to conquer the world.

It was the best handshake ever.”


“I didn’t trust myself to speak. How come my parents, who I’ve known all my life, didn’t understand why I come to this place, but John, who I met just a couple days ago, did? How can trying to make someone understand take more than a lifetime, and someone else less than an instant?”


“As Dad says, there are no coincidence in life. Which is a fancy way of saying that when things are meant to happen, no matter how mysterious or crazy or impossible, they’re going to happen. And I think he’s right.”


Have you read Bird by Crystal Chen? Did you love the lyrical, oh-so-quotable prose as much as I did?





4 thoughts on “Thursday Quotables: Bird by Crystal Chan

  1. The prose of Bird is just aaaamazing. It absolutely blew me away. I was so freakishly excited to read it. Eeeep!! I love the first sentence. That’s absolutely a first-sentence that knocks my socks off.

  2. hi! I’ve read the book too ((actually i just finished reading it right now and my eyes are still swollen)) here are some of my quotes from the book.

    “It’s funny all the things you can say the way you put down a plate in front of someone: You can say I’m sorry or Let’s start over or I love you”

    “When you’re fighting and in a lot of pain, you can say a lot of things you don’t mean”

    “Then a young voice: ‘You’re gonna be my little sister… but remember that I’m gonna be your big brother and you’re gonna have to do what I say… Hmmmm… We can play Superman. You can give me your ice cream. And you’re gonna be my best friend forever.”

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