Friday Rambles: Five Reasons Why You Should Have Scrivener

Haven’t heard of Scrivener? Neither had I until I competed in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) 2012 when I received the discount on the program. And I thought, Why not? So downloaded the free trial, decided I liked it, and bought it. It’s a wonderful writing program that I highly recommend to writers — it’s especially useful for editing. Scrivener isn’t necessarily for everyone, but I personally find it very useful.

Want to know more about Scrivener? Click here!

Funnily enough, I still use Word Document quite a bit (mainly to write my first drafts) and I’ll rewrite and/or edit in Scrivener.

Now let’s take a look at a few of the features that this program offers — and how it can better you.

The Split-Screen Feature. I cannot express to you how much awesome this feature is. It allows you to compare different versions of your novel, and is especially useful for line-editing, or searching for small mistakes.


Separate ‘documents’ for each chapter. This is helpful. It lets us writers to organise our story by chapters so we can easily pinpoint what and where we want to change things. In comparison to Word Document, you’d have to scroll through the whole document to find a specific chapter. But here? All you have to do it click on the chapter/scene (you could further split it up into scenes if you wish) quite easily.



There’s a separate section for research! Have you ever wanted to keep an article of information in one single place where you can easily refer to it at any time? Now you can. Scrivener has a fantastic Research where you can keep it all. (Sometimes if I don’t have any research for a novel I’ll just stick my first draft there, or bits and pieces of writing I may want to include later, or a pitch/query of the story.)


Statistics, goals, and more. This feature allows you to see the amount of words you’ve written, characters, the page number you’ve accumulated — both in printed and paperback. (You can edit these settings in ‘options’.) Also there is a feature where you can set goals, check how many words you’ve written in your current session, and shows you how close you are to reaching your goal.



Full Screen! I find that this one helps against distractions… *cough* the internet *cough*


Do you use Scrivener? If you do, do you like/dislike it? Let me know in the comments below.



5 thoughts on “Friday Rambles: Five Reasons Why You Should Have Scrivener

  1. Duuuude, you’re making me drool. I didn’t realise there was a free-trial though, so maybe I should check it out?! I’m so tired of trying to balance multiple word docs on my tiny screen. *sigh* My old computer had a HUGE screen so it worked fine, but now I’m toggling things everywhere. AND forgetting everything! This is an awesome post. I think you’ve sold me. ;) lol…I just need to trip on a lump of gold.

      • Thirty days, yes, but that oversimplifies. It’s not just thirty days, but thirty days of *non-consecutive* use. This means you can use it two days a week not for a month, but for fifteen weeks.

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