Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (7)


Hi everyone! Sunday arrives again… so here’s what’s gone down this week!

giphy (12)

In Bookish News: This week, I read and reviewed Unbreakable by Kami Garcia. Having only read the first chapter or so of Beautiful Creatures (and never watched the movie) I wasn’t sure what I was in for with this book. I ended up rating the novel 3/5 stars, for an enjoyable, but not very deep, novel. Fans of the TV show Supernatural will like this novel. My Top Ten Tuesday showcased my favourite unique reads I’ve had the pleasure to come across. On Thursday, I quoted from My Life Next Door — which has some fantastically humorous quotes; if you’re looking for a fun contemporary read, I’d recommend this one. I had a Stacking the Shelves (albeit small) posted this Friday, along with my Friday Rambles post: You Know You’re a Writer When . . . Lastly, I confess to skim reading some of the books I read. Do you? Let me know I’m not alone!

In Writing News: Hey there, Easter! Chocolate is just around the corner now, and this week I made the decision to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo, the July session. I’ve been planning my novel for a little while now, and I’ excited to dive right into it. It’ll be my second realistic Mystery/Thriller novel I’ve attempted. Fingers crossed it’ll be as successful as the first. Wednesday, I talked about why I loved writing the high fantasy genre — and essentially it’s because it’s awesome. And dragons. Friday, I wrote about how you know you’re a writer, which coincided with my Stacking the Shelves post, too. (See link above.)

That ends my Sunday Weekly Wrap Up this week — check back here tomorrow for my review of Graceling.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (7)

  1. Choooocolate. My nephew and I were colouring an Easter page and I was like, “You know what this means? We get chocolate soon.” I’m such a bad aunt. All about the food, not the other meanings of Easter >_< lol!! I loooove Supernatural!! XD

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