Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (9)


Welcome to Sunday again! Alas, this is the last precious day before school resumes, which brings me ever closer to the dreaded HSC. Not sure how I’ll keep my reading, writing, and blogging up, but I will do my best. So what’s happened this week? (Apart from stuffing ourselves with chocolate.) Let’s wrap it up in this post.

giphy (21)

In Bookish News: I haven’t read much this week — I’ve been knee-deep in reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series, which I love love love. In blogging, though, I posted a review of The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson; recommended for anyone who enjoys a really good high fantasy. It was wonderfully unique with great characters. My Top Ten Tuesday consisted of the top most (in my opinion) swoon-worthy characters. What are yours? Let me know! Have you read All the Truth That’s in Me? I posted some of my favourite quotes from the novel in my Thursday Quotables post. On Friday, I talked about the difference between reading and writing a novel — I mean, think about all the hours that go into writing, editing, and polishing one, in comparison to reading one.

In Writing News: Do you write by hand, or typing? Which do you prefer? I am personally a typer for novels, and I make small notes in notebooks. I talked about this on Saturday. On Wednesday, I talked about point of views. First, second, third? WHAT DO THEY ALL MEAN?? I outline their definitions and give examples in my Writerly Post Wednesday post, where I talk about point of views, and which is my favourite. Meanwhile I’ve been in a massive writing slump, hopping from one project to another, unable to decide which to work on. Anyone know how to get over this!?

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That’s all for Sunday. Tomorrow, I post a review of A Game of Thrones, so come back here to check that out! Let me know what your week was like the comments below.


One thought on “Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (9)

  1. I write most of my stuff on the computer, during the day. If for some reason I have to write at night, I’ll write by hand. At night I am tired, and going on the computer makes me even more tired so I write by hand and get pages and pages written that way.

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