Writerly Post Wednesday: My Writing Process Blog Tour

Hey guys! A few days ago I was tagged in the “My Writing Process Blog Tour”  by Aprille Legacy. Author of Soul Fire and Soul Blaze (which I highly recommend, by the way)you can check out her blog here. Thanks for tagging me, Aprille!

So now we’re going to wade through the murky depths of my writing process.

1. What am I working on?

Currently, I am editing my high fantasy novel, The Empire of Stars. It’s my favourite genre, and quite possibly my favourite novel that I’ve written . . . so far. It still needs quite a bit of work, but I am plodding through it as best I can, what with school work (and procrastination, of course). It’s planned to be a four-book series, however, this could change at any time because I am what I like to call an unstable writer. I chop and change ideas as quick as the wind blows, sometimes deliberating over plot points for a long time. I am also working on a few side projects at the same time, but The Empire of Stars is currently taking precedence.

Me most of the time when I'm writing ...

Me most of the time when I’m writing …

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Hmm, this is an interesting question. I don’t actively try to make my story “different” from others that are out there — I simply write what I want to write. Whether the idea is different or unique or not, it honestly doesn’t bother me all that much in the scheme of things. One thing that I do try to aim is to make not only likeable characters, but to make them feel real to the reader, too. As a reader, the books that I love the most are usually the ones with the characters that are the most memorable. Plot and writing style are also important to me, too. Because I am the writer, I find it hard to judge how different my novel is from others of that genre, because for all I know — it’s probably not. However, in saying that, I aim to have a plot which has a direct thread throughout the novel, an aim that my characters are striving towards. Also, I love love love plot twists. Especially ones I don’t see coming!

3. Why do I write what I do?

The answer to that is simple! Because I want to. Because I find enjoyment in it. As a seventeen-year-old, the young adult category is my favourite in particular. I love how authors can capture a teenager’s voice, a teenager’s struggle. As for fantasy, I even wrote a whole blog post on why being a high fantasy writer is awesome. There’s just so much to love about the genre!

4. How does your writing process work?

Ahh, the question that I’ve kind of been dreading. My writing process is a messy, disorganized thing. My simple answer to this question is that I don’t have a steady, neat writing process. It’s quite a messy, terrible thing — full of procrastination and frustration. I write whenever I can, really. What with school work, any writing has to be done after that’s completed. (Funny thing? I always want to write when I’m doing school work . . . not when I can write. Sigh.) I type, and then handwrite small outlines, notes — and other things that come to me at 3 AM in the morning. (Seriously, three in the morning, no kidding, and I have to get up and write it down lest I’d forget.) When I write a first draft, I aim for 1000 words a day — sometimes even more. My editing process is harder, because it just depends on how much needs to be deleted — or added in.

That’s the end of my post, people. But fear not! For I have tagged two other awesome people so the blog tour can continue.

The two people I’ve tagged so they can share their writing process are . . .

Lauren, whom I met via Twitter!

Alise, who’s a new blogger, and who I also met through Twitter.

Look out for their posts soon!

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3 thoughts on “Writerly Post Wednesday: My Writing Process Blog Tour

  1. Your answers on writing process are very similar to mine when I did this blog hop – mine’s all over the place! However, like you I try to do at least 1k words while writing a few draft. Wouldn’t want to drag out the worst stage of the process, lol. I did Camp NaNo and regular NaNo last year, so that was hugely helpful.

    It was great to read about your writing! :)

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