Reader/Writer Confessions: Judging a Book by its Cover

I like a pretty cover. And there — I admit it.

giphy (17)

I judge a book by its cover.

But really, who doesn’t? Let’s face it: the cover is the first thing that the reader sees, and if the cover is amazing, then there is definitely a higher chance of me picking it up. This is going to sound really petty but sometimes I’ll order a book online instead of buying it in the bookstore I don’t like the Australian version. You’re going to think me crazy for that, I know, but it’s true. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, because it’s obviously not going to be an accurate representation of what’s inside it.

giphy (16)

If it’s author I know I will love, then yeah, I suppose that it doesn’t really matter. Because I know that the contents are going to be better than anything the cover can show. But if I’m browsing through a bookstore, before I even take a glance at the blurb, the cover is the thing that catches my eyes, that makes me want to read the blurb, as I am more likely to buy a book if it has a pretty cover than if it doesn’t.

Want to know what my idea of a good cover is? Stay tuned for my Top Ten Book Covers I’d Frame As Pieces of Art on Tuesday.

What do you think of book covers? Are they important to you?



5 thoughts on “Reader/Writer Confessions: Judging a Book by its Cover

  1. It is true that everybody does it. I’m also a ‘judge a book by it’s title’ girl. A great title will get me to pick up a book even if the cover isn’t that great.

  2. OMG SAAAMMEE. I am a total “judge by the book by its cover” girl. Books with great and awesome covers are my weakness. Plus, if the summary on the cover leaf or at the back of the book captures me, then I am totally sold on buying and reading it.

  3. We all judge books by their covers! But it’s not always a bad thing–I’ve found two of my most favorite series because I liked the cover and started reading. I also love looking at foreign covers and would love to collect foreign books just because I think they would look pretty on my shelf. :)

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