Writerly Post Wednesday: Juggling More Than One Writing Project

Welcome to the wonderfulness that is Wednesday! (Not really; we’re only halfway through the week . . . a few more days to go until the weekend, people.) But toady I am going to talk about writing more than one project at the same time, because this is something I am guilty of doing all the time. Really, all the time. I can never seem to focus on only one writing project at the one time for some reason, thanks to my over-active brain. (Especially in the middle of the night . . . Damn you, creative part of my head!)

Why, brain, why!?

Why, brain, why!?

But what happens when my brain does come up with a million ideas a day, and I pick a few of them, and begin to write the first draft? (Or second, just depending on where I’m at with my writing.) Simply put: chaos ensures. Really it does. As you probably already know I am not an organized writer, which means that it can sometimes be hard to juggle more than one writing project. I simply work on whichever whenever I feel like it. At the moment I’m working on two second drafts — The Empire of Stars, and City of Illusions. One high fantasy, the other urban fantasy with a slightly surreal edge. And this isn’t including all the other ides that are floating around in my head, waiting to be written. I have heaps of WiPs that I haven’t even started, yet.

giphy (5)

Like I said before I pretty much just work on whichever I want to — or whichever novel I feel that I am most passionate about at the time. Usually this is how I work: I have one main project (in my case, it’s currently The Empire of Stars) that I work on everyday. And by everyday, I don’t mean that I have to write/edit a gazillion words like I would usually try with a first draft, but because I’m editing instead of banging out that crappy beginning draft, I take my time. Sometimes it’s a good day and I edit four or so chapters — maybe delete some words, and write 1000 more. Other days I just look at the crappy WiP and want to puke all over it. So sorry I’m not sorry for that disgusting visual. 

giphy (21)

Next, I have that second WiP, which is currently City of Illusions. I love this novel just as much as I do my high fantasy, but I am not working on it as solidly as I am with the other. This is the novel hovering in the background, not my full-focus . . . but it’s still there to fall back on if I run into a block when I’m writing my main project. So should you work on multiple projects at the same time? It’s really all up to you, and whether you think you can do it. But for me, as the type of writer I am, it works for me.

Do you work on multiple projects at the same time? Why/why not? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “Writerly Post Wednesday: Juggling More Than One Writing Project

  1. Nope. I just nope…haha! I really admire you for being able to do that, but I absolutely cannot focus on more than one project. I work quite fast though, and in like very concentrated weeks. JUST writing and not much else. SO YEAH. I think you’re awesome to keep 2 going! I tried co-writing a book with Mime AND editing one of mine…ha. That didn’t work out. I ended up just co-writing and then editing afterwards. ;)

  2. I work on one MAIN project at the same time, e.g. my novel, but I often have other minor things going on – like short stories or poems. I guess that counts as multiple things going on, but it feels like thy’re in separate parts of my brain sorta (even though they’re practically the same thing, but different lengths). But it’s pretty cool how you manage to write on multiple BIG projects at once

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