Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (12)


IT’S SUNDAY AGAIN! Here’s my twelfth weekly wrap up, which is one condensed post where I sum up everything that has happened this week. Firstly … I wanted  to talk about the Divergent movie and how great it was. It was pretty loyal to the books (which I was really really happy about), had great acting, and I found that in terms of dystopia book-to-film adaptations, this one was the best. While I enjoyed The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, this one was better in my opinion. Have any of you seen Divergent yet? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!

giphy (11) giphy (13)

In Bookish News: On Monday, I reviewed Drawn by Cecilia Gray, which wasn’t really to my tastes, and had too many flaws for my liking. (Thank you for Netgalley for my copy!) Tuesday was my Top Ten Tuesday of books I almost put down but didn’t — and although I could only come up with three of them … Well, I am usually quite determined to actually finish a book, whether it’s good or not. One of my favourite alien reads, Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout, was chosen for my Thursday Quotables. On Friday, I talked about how long it takes you to read a book, and reading more than one book at the same time. Let me know what you think on the matter!

In Writing News: I have been making some decent progress on both of my current work-in-progresses The Empire of Stars, and City of Illusions. I’ve been completely swamped with assessments and work, so I haven’t been writing as much as I would have liked, but I feel as though I am beginning to, slowly, climb out of my writing slump I’ve been stuck in the past few weeks. (I actually think I will blog on that one day.) This week on Writerly Post Wednesday, I talked about the things people never told you about becoming a writer.


That’s all for this week — what happened in yours? 


One thought on “Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (12)

  1. OMG LOOK AT THOSE MINIONS. Eeeep. That’s totally made my day. XD They’re fantastic! I’m glad you’re getting out of that writing slump. I’m kind of on a reading slump at the moment, and wishing I was writing. I just need to wrestle my TBR a bit more and then I can start rewriting one of my books. ;)

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