Writerly Post Wednesday: In Honour of #IreadYA


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Note: In my Friday Rambles post, I will be giving out recommendations of my favourite YA books — so keep an eye out for that! Today is about why I write (and read) the young adult category, and why I adore it so much.

So why young adult?

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My main, and obvious reason, as to why I write young adult fiction is that… Well, I am a young adult, and why shouldn’t I write it if I am in that age group? I know how to replicate a teenager’s voice, a teenager’s motives and hopes and dreams because I am one of them myself. Teenagers have stories to tell — just as much as adults do. And I tell them because I can.

I write these books because they are the sort of books I read, and my writing is heavily influenced by what I read. Young adult is the category of books that I fell in love with, which was what made me want to write in the first place. I’d say that over ninety percent of the books I read would be considered to be young adult (some might be classified as new adult or middle grade, I don’t really know) and it’s what I know best. Sometimes the saying “Write what you know” bothers me (because I tend to write about what I don’t know), but in this case it could not be more accurate. I write young adult because I know it. I know it so well that it doesn’t take me long to write out a first draft. I want to inspire other reader and writers with my work; I want them to say, “Wow, she really nailed that young adult genre!” (Hey, don’t laugh, I’m a dreamer.)

There are some readers/writers out there who write or read to get across a point/moral in a story. This is not me. I write YA for enjoyment — and enjoyment only, really. Sometimes there might be some underlying themes that may send messages across to the reader, but those are purely by accident. Another thing I love about young adult? The characters. And as I am still a teenager, these are the sort of characters that I can relate to the most. I am still a teenager who is trying to figure herself out, so naturally, I am going to want to read and write about it.

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The essence of this post is this: I write YA because I am a young adult, and teenagers have just as much of a story to tell as an adult does; I also want to read/write about characters who are going through similar struggles as I am, as it’s easy for a teenager to feel isolated in their problems. Whether I’ll venture into adult/middle grade writing later on . . . I don’t know, but for now, the young adult category is my favourite.

Do you read or write YA? Why/why not? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Writerly Post Wednesday: In Honour of #IreadYA

  1. I write YA!! Because….mm…I have no idea now. Because I always have? I mean, I WAS a teen up until a few months ago, and just because I turned 20 doesn’t mean I’m going to flip to Adult. *shudders* Scary stuff. I struggle to write MG and I’ve tried, so I guess YA is the genre for me. x) And also, I write YA because books are usually short and crisp and I get very frustrated when books are very long.

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