Thursday Quotables: Golden by Jessi Kirby


Thursday Quotables is a meme hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies. It’s an opportunity to share stand-out quotes from your current read; if you want to know more the Bookshelf Fantasies blog click here.

Hey guys! Today is Thursday, which means that this is the day where I quote from a current or past read. Today I’ve chosen Golden by Jessi Kirby which I read (and reviewed) at the beginning of this year — and loved. Definitely a recommended read.


“I want this day to be my fresh start. I want this to be the day I step out of my comfort zone and go somewhere new.” 

“I was afraid of what he might be able to see. Because all of a suddent it didn’t feel like we were standing on the beach anymore. It felt like we were balanced on a thin, thin line. That fragile one that divides the invisible space between something and nothing, or before and after.” 

“I sink into it completely, letting everything else fall away so all that’s left is this. A moment like a poem.” 

“Life is made of moments. and choices. Not all of them matter, or have any lasting impact. Skipping class in favor of a taste of freedom, picking a prom dress because of the way it transforms you into a princess in the mirror. Even the nights you steal away from an open window, tiptoe silent to the end of the driveway, where darkened headlights and the pull of something unknown beckon. These are all small choices, really. Insignificant as soon as they’re made. Innocent.

But then.

Then there’s a different kind of moment. One when things are irrevocably changed by a choice we make. A moment we will play endlessly in our minds on lonely nights and empty days. One we’ll search repeatedly for some indication that what we chose was right, some small sign that tells us the truth isn’t nearly as awful as it feels. Or as awful as anyone would think if they knew.

So we explain it to ourselves, justify it enough to sleep. And then we bury it deep, so deep we can almost pretend it never happened. But as much as we wish it were different, the truth is, our worlds are sometimes balanced on choices we make and the secrets we keep.” 

“It seems to me that the experiences that stay with you, the things you’ll always remember, aren’t the ones you can force, or go looking for. I’ve always thought of those things as the ones that somehow find you.” 

“After four years we know each other’s hearts and souls. We’ve grown and loved and fought and everything in between, which is why, to talk about who I am, I have to start with him. The person I am now, and who I want to be in the future, is wrapped up tight in Shane, and in us together.” 

“I haven’t stopped thinking about Orion, and it’s made a mess of me. Nothing happened between us. Nothing physical, anyway. We never touched, and after a while, we hardly even spoke. But I felt different.”

“I can’t say I wasn’t hoping for it, but I didn’t see it coming.” 

Have you read Golden? Let me know what you thought of it.


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