Reader/Writer Confessions: I Admit It; I Have a Book Addiction

The first step to conquering an addiction is admitting you have a problem, right?

Okay. Deep breath, Kara. Ihaveabookproblem. There; it’s out. Somewhat.

So here’s the thing: libraries (and bookstores, too) are these amazing places where you surrounded by the promise of books, and I can’t comprehend the people who walk into a bookstore/library and not wanting to stay there for hours at a time. If you’re wondering why I’ve decided to post this book, it’s because on Thursday, I borrowed 20+ books from my local amazing library. (Yes my library is amazing.)

A new Stacking the Shelves post will be posted next week sometime — so you can see exactly what I’ve borrowed. I do not regret a thing.

giphy (6)

Plus, on top of that, I’ve received Disruption via a book giveaway . . . and received a review copy of Take Back the Skies. I actually have no idea whether I’ll be able to finish them all before they’re due back at the library, but hey, I’ll try. But I have a problem: Even if I don’t need more books, I get them anyway. But I still don’t regret a thing. Maybe I do… just slightly.



That’s all for my confession post this week. Do you have a book addiction? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Reader/Writer Confessions: I Admit It; I Have a Book Addiction

  1. I got Take Back The Skies too! I actually just downloaded it, so I plan on reading it soon. I’ve heard mixed opinions about it, but I still want to give it a try!

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