Writerly Post Wednesday: How to Procrastinate a Novel In Ten Easy Steps


Welcome to Wednesday! And, well, like most writers, I procrastinate my writing a lot. It’s not that I don’t want to write, it’s just that I like to put things off more. Especially when I’ve come to a hard to write scene. Here is the best way to procrastinate your novel in ten steps. Trust me I am an expert on it.

1. Open your word document/scrivener, stare at the white page for a minute, then close it again.

2. Check your social media. And again. And again.

3. Look at the time, and think, “Nah, I have plenty of time to write!” And then check social media again.

giphy (9)

4. Get Pinterest, start pining things, and call it research.

5. Find an addicting television show/movie/book and watch/read it until you’re done.

6. Write a paragraph of writing . . . decide you don’t like, and start again. Then go pin some more things.

giphy (10)

7. Write useless blog posts like this.

8. Wallow over the fact that you’re a crappy writer and you’ll never be published and you suck completely and wonder why you’re even a writer in the first place. And then go pin some more things. Or check your social media. Or both.

9. Search for gifs. Because gifs are everything.

10. Go book shopping. Because you can never have too many books.

giphy (11)

Is procrastinating a problem for you? Let me know… and if you have a cure for it, then let me know, too!


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