Reader/Writer Confessions: That Amazing Feeling When You Finish Writing a Draft of your Novel

It’s Saturday — welcome to the long weekend! Or, if you like me, a long weekend filled with study and school work (and TFiOS, I’m seeing it tonight!).

So currently I’m in that period when I’ve just finished a draft of one of my novels, and I’M TOTALLY IN PARTY MODE. (My version of partying: Binge watching TV shows and eating chocolate and reading; pretty daring, if you ask me.)

 giphy (5)

Man, those giraffes are intense.

Anyway — the day before yesterday, I finished the second draft of City of Illusions, which is super exciting, because this was an extremely difficult draft to write. I wrote the first draft of City of Illusions in NaNoWriMo 2013; I finished the novel in 14 days. That’s pretty quick to write 50k in, if you ask me . . . but I was less thrilled, but it was utter crap. I then spent the next month writing the rest of the story — and it finished at around 86k. This was what my stats looked like:


(The title changed when I wrote the second draft; it’s now City of Illusions, because it just made more sense.)

So there was one problem with this crap-tastic draft. It was well, like most first drafts, crappy.

The second draft is a lot better.

It is, by no means, perfect. Gosh — it still needs a lot of work, but I’m going to put it away for a few months before I look at it again, and write something different for now. In this second draft I added (and deleted) some characters, and tightened up the plot, filling in some of the plot holes, and just generally fixing up characterization and adding some world-building. So yeah, it’s better. But I know that it can also be better.

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to finish a novel?!


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