Friday Rambles: Game of Thrones is Really Popular, So Let’s Compare Every YA High Fantasy to It


This is something that really bothers me. Don’t get me wrong: I love love love Game of Thrones, both the television show and the books — especially the books — but I’m kind of irritated that because it’s so popular, everything young adult high fantasy book deal is been pitched as Game of Thrones meets something or other. I mean, seriously.

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I get it. Really, I do. It’s a great marketing pitch! It draws in not only the young adult, teenage crowd, but is more likely to bring in a larger demographic of people. Most adults (and teens, too) I would say watch HBO’s Game of Thrones, and therefore would naturally be drawn to a book that has a similar premises. (Especially considering the television show has just finished… I wonder which will come first: The Winds of Winter, or season five of GoT?)

But I kind of wish they wouldn’t. Like I said — I’m a massive fan of the books and show, but I find it a shame that other young adult books are just being pushed aside so that new releases can be compared to a massively popular show. Why not compare these new books to other young adult high fantasy? There are some seriously great ones out there! Here is what I’m talking about.

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The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter meets Twilight meets Lord of the Rings meets Game of Thrones; basically epic magical fantasy but completely for grown-ups.” — Stylist Magazine on Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo. — Um, first off, it’s really unnecessary to compare the book to freakin’ every franchise that’s been popular over the past years. I love this series, and I don’t actually think it’s anything like Game of Thrones — save for the genre.

The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows was pitched as “Game of Thrones meets Batman.” — This book has not been released yet so I can’t comment on it, but there are other wonderful young adult books to compare it to! That are not Game of Thrones. (Also: the cover was revealed yesterday, so I highly recommend checking it out!)

I’ve also seen Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas been compared to Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games. (Whhhy The Hunger Games? I mean, yes, there’s a competition element to it, but really???? IT’S A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GENRE. Rant over. I promise.)

Also, last one, I promise: “Perfect for fans of Game of Thrones” — Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. Okay, so out of all the books which have been compared to GoT, this is the one that is the most similar (in my opinion), but the constant comparison to Game of Thrones is beginning to irritate me.

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What’s your thoughts on the matter — comparing new releases to popular television shows or/and books? Let me know!


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