Writerly Post Wednesday: Fifty Things I do When I Rewrite a Novel


Currently doing this. Rewriting is frustrating. So, I thought, why not write about it!? So here we go. Here’s a list of fifty things I do when I rewrite that dreadful first draft . . .

giphy (11)

1. Yell obscenities at my laptop/computer. (Joking. I actually don’t swear. Out loud.)

2. Find out what’s working — and what’s not.

3.  Eat chocolate.

4. Read some books.

5. Or watch some television shows.

6. Or maybe a movie? Anything that inspires me.

7. Take a break!

8. And write a blog post or something. (Like this!)

9. Moan and whine about it.

10. Wallow in grief that this draft will never be as good as I want it to be.

11. Chuck your laptop out the window.

12. Then be glad I didn’t do number eleven.

13. Eat some more chocolate.

14. Sleep.

15. More chocolate.

16. Sleep.

17. Sleep.

18. Despair.

19. Eat chocolate.

20. Laugh of hilarious typos in my first draft.

21. Procrastinate.

22. Procrastinate.

23. Procrastinate.

24. Procrastinate.

25. Realise how much time I’ve wasted; open up my word document, write a couple of paragraphs.

26. Then sleep.

27. Probably more chocolate.

28. And then procrastinate some more.

29. Do some school work!

30. Puts away that school work because, well, it’s school work.

31. Actually do some research into what I’m writing about, so I’m not going blindly in.

32. Laugh at more hilarious typos/errors in first draft.

33. Self doubt.

34. Self doubt.

35. Self doubt.

36. Self doubt.

37. Self doubt.

38. Chocolate.

39. Procrastinate.

40. Sleep.

41. Come across hilarious things like this.

Embedded image permalink

42. Realise it’s not that funny when you can’t remember what you were supposed to add.

43. Despair over the fact that I knew there was something good supposed to go there, but cannot remember.

44. Drown my sorrows in chocolate.

45. Sleep.

46. Wonder why I even bothered to write this novel in the first place.

47. Be struck with the most brilliant (…Well, in my mind, anyway) ideas ever, and everything is awesome for awhile.

48. Chocolate.

49. Chocolate.

50. Chocolate.


2 thoughts on “Writerly Post Wednesday: Fifty Things I do When I Rewrite a Novel

  1. 1. Yell obscenities at my laptop/computer. (Joking. I actually don’t swear. Out loud.)

    Ummm little miss Kara…. You don’t swear? haha I believe I have heard you swear on multiple occasions…. Baaahaaaa

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