Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (19)


CAMP NANOWRIMO JULY, 2014 HAS BEGUN. Well, actually, it began on Tuesday, and so far, I’ve made pretty good progress. I’m writing this blog post ahead of time because I’m so organized like that (kind of…) and I am currently sitting at 12,116 words, as of Saturday, 5th of July, 3:57 PM. I’m yet to write for the night so most likely I’ll have added some more words onto my beloved word count. Are you doing Camp NaNoWriMo this July? Let me know what your word count is!

As for writing stuff, that’s pretty much it — though I don’t know why, but always during these NaNoWriMo sessions, I suddenly get awesome story ideas. It’s like my writing brain wants me to fail or something. *Stuffs plot bunnies to the back of her mind where they won’t bother her* But anyway, let’s recap everything that’s happened this week on my blog.

giphy (7)

Sneaky bastard is deceptively adorable.

Monday — Book Review: Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes 3/5 stars

Tuesday — Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Class Books I’ve Read/Want to Read

Wednesday — Writerly Post Wednesday: Camp NaNoWriMo Excerpt

Thursday — Book Review: Reboot by Amy Tintera 3/5 stars

Friday — A Satire-Styled Post On Banning Myself From Borrowing Books From the Library . . . For Now

Saturday — Reader/Writer Confessions: The Dreaded Prologue

So what can you expect from me next week? Two more book reviews (The Secret Diamond Series, and The Impossible Knife of Memory), Top Ten Tuesday, a Stacking the Shelves post . . . My last one for god knows how long, and more.

As for me, I have another week of holidays! (And a mountain of school work. And the HSC trials at the end of July. But let’s not think about that, yeah?)

giphy (8)


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