Camp NaNoWriMo Excerpt #3

Welcome to Saturday! Today I’ve decided to share with you a third excerpt from my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, Ironheart. NOTE: Again, like all the other excerpts I’ve shared, they are all first drafts and unedited.

I am having so much fun writing this WIP, and hopefully that enthusasim will last until the end of Camp NaNoWriMo. As of now, 18th July, 7:44 PM, I have written 38, 286 words. By the time this scheduled post goes live, I’ll have reached my goal of 40k. (I hope.) I’m getting close to the end!!


A loud roar split the air, and bright orange flames cut through the gloom like glass—and for a split second, Rhen was able to see something that chilled her right down to her bones. A wyvern, long and leathery, was perched at the end of the iron passage. Its tail was covered in a long row of spikes, gleaming in the momentary flash of light from its fire, lashing at the ground behind it.

Rhen could see deep gouges in the iron where the tail had repeatedly smashed it.

She caught a glimpse of the creature’s yellow-red eyes before its fire dissipated, and she was smothered back into darkness once more. But she now knew it was there.

Impossible,” she whispered to herself. She couldn’t deny it, though, now it was right there in front of her. Her stomach jolted. She couldn’t believe it; a creature which was previously thought to be extinct reared before her, brilliant . . . brilliant and dangerous. She was thrown back to her senses as she took a few steps forward. The wyvern was untrained; it would burn her if she got to close. As the creatures writhed and strained, she realized that it was chained up. A glimmer of silver showed in the darkness. Even as the thought crossed her mind, though, she felt the presence of magic in the air. The dragon roared again—and this time, the dragon was more successful in its endeavors. There was the sound reminiscent of breaking glass, and its chains shattered. Just as hers had. Emotion pumped through her veins. She turned on her heels and ran down an adjoining corridor, mind swirling.

Yet not with fear, this time.

But with hope. Hope. Something she hadn’t felt since she’d been captured. 

She’d lost Erran. She was sure she had, but she was still making sure that she kept her pace quick and swift so that in case he did manage to find a way around the abyss, he wouldn’t be catching up to her anytime soon. And besides—this maze was massive. She doubted that they would cross paths again. Whether she would make it out of there, though . . . Well, that was another matter all together, she supposed, turning down another iron corridor.

The wyvern, though? Oh, Mother God, she thought, hearing the pounding of its claws clashing across the iron flooring behind her. Fear licked up her sides and made her heart turn frantic. Oh, no. That wasn’t fear; it was heat. It curled up her sides and she smelled something like burning clothes. She swore in her native tongue and glanced around, seeing the edges of her clothes burning and turning black. She pressed the fire out with her fingers and looked over her shoulder. She wished she hadn’t. Because if she wasn’t feeling frightened before—she sure was now. The wyvern was gaining on her. The flames didn’t touch her skin, but she felt its heat.

She dodged out of the way as another spurt of fire blackened the iron maze around her—but she was tired. Rhen couldn’t even remember how long she had been running now. Half an hour? Longer? She couldn’t be sure. All she knew was that her legs ached, and her throat cried out for water. But she pushed back her thoughts and kept running.

Until she hit a dead end.


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