Five Reasons You Should Be Watching Orange Is the New Black

So, I talk a lot about books — but hardly ever shows or movies, with the exception being last week’s Top Ten Tuesday. And today I want to talk about Orange Is the New Black. As the title suggests, the story is based around prison — and in particular Piper Chapman, who goes to jail on an old drug charge. I’m not great at summarising, so I’m probably not doing it justice, but it’s something I highly recommend. Here are my top five reasons why you should be watching it.

1. Good, complex characters.

There are characters you’ll love. Characters you’ll love to hate. Each person has their own individual story which is explored throughout the show — what I love most is that the story isn’t just about Piper, though she is the main character, it doesn’t just focus on her and her experiences in prison.

2. An engaging and surprising storyline. I love the fact that you can never really see where the story is going.

It’ll keep you hanging until you can watch the next episode. Most likely you’ll end up binge-watching the show until all two seasons have been watched! Or if you’re like me, and want to binge watch it all but can’t because of school…



4. Good acting.

Yes! Finally a show where the acting is decent and believable. The actors they have chosen to portray the characters are done very well, as well as the script-writing and storyline.

5. It gives you an insight into prison.

Even though I know this is based off a memoir, I am sure that there are some features of the story which the produces have adapted to suit televisions — characters, storyline, ect — but I had no idea what being in prison would be like at all. Of course, I not all prisons would be as poorly maintained as the one depicted in the show, but prison, to be honest, isn’t something that crosses my mind all that much.

Have you watched Orange Is the New Black? Do you love it? Hate it? I’d love to hear your thoughts — whatever they are.


8 thoughts on “Five Reasons You Should Be Watching Orange Is the New Black

  1. I keep hearing about this show, actually. It sounds so good. I’m really curious about prison for some weird reason, and I love shows with great characters. Plus, since I’ve finally finished How I Met Your Mother (after about six months!!!) I’ve been looking for a new show… :)

  2. I’m watching Prison Break at the moment. Hehe. Except, Prison Break was like 6 or so years ago and the acting is a liiiiittle lame at times. But still: PRISONS. Good story research. Although, usually I’m burying characters instead of locking them up. Oops.

  3. I don’t really watch TV that much, but when I do, I watch movies and past Doctor Who episodes on DVD. Otherwise, I’m mostly not allowed to just turn on the TV and watch any TV show that I want. Nevertheless, this does sound pretty interesting, especially because you get a look inside what goes on in a prison.

    Also, I nominated you for a blog award

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