Camp NaNoWriMo Excerpt #4

Happy Saturday, people! One of the best days in the week, if you ask me! As you might or might not know, I completed Camp NaNoWriMo on the 20th of July. (YAY!) So this will probably be the last time I share an excerpt of the novel with you before it’s crappiness overwhelms me completely. Let me know what you think! (This excerpt takes off where the last one left.)

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Of course, she thought with a hysterical sort of amusement, the first dead end she had to reach had to be while a murderous wyvern was on her heels. Sometimes the Mother God was cruel. She pressed her back right up against the wall until the coldness of the iron seeped into her clothes. The wyvern paused and jerked its head around—about to spit out a mouthful of flames. Rhen noticed, with fear, that it had horns. Her mouth twisted bitterly, and she couldn’t help from the ironic comparison from springing to mind, but she pushed it back.

She was not a monster—not like this creature was, anyway.

The wyvern dragged its feet, and Rhen noticed that the manacles on its left behind leg hadn’t completely shattered, and it scraped across the iron in an ear-splitting manner. She flinched away, but this time, Rhen Darthe had nowhere to run. She was trapped—trapped in a maze of iron—with only her wits and guile to protect her. And her magic. The wyvern came closer, closer, its long coils of leathery scales glinting in the dull light that only just managed to penetrate the confines of the iron maze. Rhen balled her fists, closing her eyes. Seeing how close the wyvern was to her was only going make her panic. Just like Grimwell had taught her, she felt out tentatively to the magic with her mind. It was getting easier, she supposed, but the silver shackles had drained her—though not completely of her magic. It was still there, like a fire in the dark of night, waiting, just waiting to be grasped.

But the wyvern let out a hair-raising screech, and Rhen gasped, eyes snapping open. She had lost control completely. Panic threatened to consumer her, but she forced it back, feeling nausea coil in her stomach. Yet before she was able to gather her thoughts completely—the wyvern opened its wide jaws, exposing rows and rows of jagged teeth—and flame burst from its mouth.

Rhen instinctively thrust up her hands.

She braced herself, waiting for the heat to consume her whole, waited for the blinding pain and to stare into the wyvern’s eyes, which were the last she would ever see . . .

But nothing happened. Almost against her will, Rhen opened her eyes.

From where her hand was still thrust into the air, the fire just seemed to . . . go around it. She could see the individual flecks of gold and red and orange from this close up, a swirl of colours that was enchantingly beautiful, but there was an invisible line around her—one in which the fire couldn’t cross. She watched, spellbound. The wyvern roared again, so loud that it shook the ground from underneath her feet. She flinched away, but didn’t move her hand, afraid that if she moved, she would break the spell she’d cast that had saved her from becoming toasted Vár.

More flames expelled from its mouth, and Rhen gritted her teeth, this time feeling the pressure of the flames on her. But not the heat. Not yet. She was using her remaining strength to repel the flames, and didn’t know how much longer she could keep this up.

Then Rhen did something awfully stupid.

She wasn’t sure what had possessed her—perhaps the lack of desire to traipse through the iron maze for gods knew how much longer, or perhaps her desire to evade Erran. For she was sure that he would be heading toward the wyvern-like sounds, if not just out of pure curiosity. But she backed up as far as the wall would allow her, and took a running start, scrambling her legs across the back of the wyvern. She let her hand fall—and a wash of exhaustion fell over her.

She pushed it back though, instead clinging onto the sides of the wyvern in the place between where the spikes on its back started and ended, almost at its scaly neck. A euphoric feeling poured over her and she yelled “Fly!” in her native language.



6 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Excerpt #4

  1. Oooh THE EPICNESS IS HITTING ME HARD. And congrats on finishing NaNo! Do we get to party? I think we should party. (At the very least there should be cake.)

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