Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (24)

Sunday weekly wrap up

Hello, my lovely little blogger-lings. This week has been pretty crappy in terms of reading and writing — which I am blaming on my post-exam funk — but on a more positive note, my HSC Trial exams are done! Woo! So now all I have left of Year Twelve is to finish of some units of work I didn’t mange to before trials, study for the HSC, and I’m done! Which is very terrifying exciting.

In terms of writing, I have literally lost all desire to write. It’ll come back, I know — it always does — but at the moment I’m just of just staring at this second draft with my mouth slightly opened in confusion. I actually have no idea what to do. (I’ll figure it out eventually.) But for now I plan on taking a little break — which, by the way, every time I do, it only seems to last a few days. Same goes with reading. I’m in this massive reading slump which I’m desperately trying to claw myself out of. But hey — on the bright side, my weekends have returned! Imaging having two whole days without school work in a row?! Unimaginable!

Blog Button

In other news, I made a Blog Button! (Be proud of my HTML. It took me ages to figure out how to do it, and I’m still not sure I’ve done it right.) Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool. Image is from here, and the artist has stated that the image isn’t under any licence, so I presume it can be used; however, I thought some credit to the artist might be nice. If you’d like to put it on your blog or wherever, just use the HTML code given at the side of my blog. ——>

party animated GIF

So, what has happened this week? (On the blog, that is.)

Monday — Book Review: Grim by Christine Johnson [2/5 stars]

Tuesday — Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I’d Give To People Who’ve Never Read Fantasy

Wednesday — Writerly Post Wednesday: “Write What You Know” — Pffft, No Thanks!

Thursday — Book Review: Take Me On by Katie McGarry [3/5 stars]

Friday — Friday Rambles: Book OCD

Saturday — Reader/Writer Confessions: Reading Books Knowing There’s An Upcoming Adaptation

As a conclusion, I wanted to thank Rachel from Confessions of a Book Geek for featuring my blog on her Sharing the Bloggy Love post! Yay, thank you! My novel City of Illusions was also featured here! Exciting!

That’s everything interesting that’s happened to me this week. Link me to your posts below, I’d love to check them out!



8 thoughts on “Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (24)

  1. Such a nice little blog button! ^-^ You’ve done really well. XD I’m always looking for images that I can use so I’m going to check out that site… ALSO: Taking breaks is good! I’m on one right now even though I feel very extremely guilty. *gulps and looks at TBR* But edits. EDITS ARE IMPORTANT.

  2. YAYYYY CONGRATS ON FINISHING TRIALS. That’s going to be me in a year. EEK. I don’t have any weekends to myself right now, since exams are in a few weeks and also I work on weekends :( so that’s very sad.

    OOOOH I LOVE YOUR BLOG BUTTON. Excuse the caps. It’s absolutely lovely. When I get the chance I’ll whack it onto my sidebar :)

  3. No problem for featuring you, I read pretty much all of your posts! I’ll add in your button tomorrow now that you have one :) and I’ll check out the site too. Great job with it! R x

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