Reader/Writer Confessions: Sometimes I Don’t Write Every Day

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At the moment, I’m on writing break.

It’s great, really. Sometimes it’s just nice to take a break, you know? I love writing — I love it completely. I am always thinking about it, whether or not I’m actually writing. I also have a bad habit of thinking about writing when I’m not supposed to be, like, oh, when I’m trying to sleep, or in the middle of an exam. Damn you, brain.

When I was younger, and first started writing, I read a lot of advice telling aspiring authors that they should write every. single. day. Regardless of whether you wanted to or not. I used to follow that pretty religiously — I’d bang out 1,000+  words whether I felt like it or not. But not anymore. Yes, there are days where I feel like it’s beneficial to force yourself to write, but there’s a point where you need to know not to push it.


You don’t have to write every single day to call yourself a writer.

Write when it suits you; write in the middle of the night, early in the morning, during school or work hours, or write once or twice a week when your hectic life schedule allows it. Just because you don’t write every day doesn’t make you any less of a writer. That’s fine. What I cannot understand is when people claim that you must write every day in order to improve. Yes, you’re probably more likely to improve faster… but life isn’t a race, and neither is the road to publishing. Publishing might not even be your endgame — perhaps you are writing just because you like to create something from words. Or maybe it’s a mixture of the both.

There are also people who advise strongly that you should be writing 1000+ words per day. I don’t necessarily agree with this, either. Write how much you want to write! Little or nothing, every word brings you closer to the end of your story, right? For example, though I’m currently on a writing break, I still am writing a little bit. A line here, a line there, so that eventually, it’s all going to add up.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you writing daily, weekly, monthly — or maybe you only write during the NaNoWriMo months. That’s cool. Words and words — and you don’t have to write every single day to call yourself a “writer”.


How often do you write, and how many words per day/week/month/year? Do you disagree or agree with what I’m saying? I’d love to hear (read?) your thoughts.



6 thoughts on “Reader/Writer Confessions: Sometimes I Don’t Write Every Day

  1. YES, this is true. Everyone has a different writing process. There are people who write in crazy bursts, and then don’t write for a while. There are people who plod along (like me). Sometimes I tell myself I’ll write 1000 words and end up writing 3000 because I’m having fun. But life DOES get in the way sometimes, and that’s alright. Very few people can say writing is their day job – for most of us, it has to take backseat because we’ve got other things to focus on.

    Lovely post :)

  2. Thank you so much for this post. For the past year, I’ve barely been writing until more recently when I decided my book will only get through this if I actually work on it. I don’t get how people can write even if they really don’t want to. I’m one of those people who need to be in the mood to write. I used to think I was a bad writer because I barely write for someone who is deeply passionate about it. I don’t think it’s about how much you write anymore. It’s how you write. The most important advice to me is being an avid reader. I completely agree with you.

  3. I never write everyday…unless you count my weirdo comments on blogs and my crazy tweets. Hehe. But I don’t write in my BOOKS everyday. I’m like an intense-speed writer. I write crazy big amounts for a week or two then I take a month off. *shrugs* I’m not sure if it’s “good” or not, but it works for me so I’m not “fixing” something that’s not broken. ;) I think taking breaks is actually good. It inspires me. Gives me a chance to revive and all that awesome.

    • I’m glad I’m not alone in it! xD I kept reading you should be writing every day, to get into a habit and whatnot… but yeah, it’s not something I really agree with. I think every writer has their own way of writing a novel, you know? Whether it’s writing intensely quickly , like you, or like me… just pushing along until it’s done, haha. :)

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