Writerly Post Wednesday: Writing Rituals!


Every writer is different, and we each have our own rituals in regards to writing.

Okay, let me clear something up. When I say “rituals” I’m not referring to dancing naked on a full moon around a bonfire or anything. Nothing witchy or highly disturbing like that. (Unless, you know, dancing naked on a full moon is inspiring to you. That’s totally, uh, cool.) Back to the topic at hand, though, some writers (most, I dare say) have certain things they like to do.

Here are some of mine.

I write with music. Depending on my mood.

I have playlists for every novel I’ve written, which has a list of songs that I listen to when I write or edit. Sometimes, though, I might only listen to one or two songs on a loop. Yes I’m a little crazy I know. Yet, there are other times when I need absolute silence to be able to write — this mostly happens when I’m editing, and I need full concentration. But most of the time I need music. Or some sort of background sound. Sometimes I write and watch a TV show at the same time. Yep. I’m definitely crazy.

My Word/Scrivener document needs to be set out in a certain way.

Indents, spacing, font size, typefaces. They all need to be done in a certain way or I can’t write. I know that’s completely psychological . . . but I can’t help it! There are some typefaces I can’t stand using. Paragraphs also need to be indented, and the font size needs to be twelve. Chapter titles slightly larger and in capitals. I think now I’ve past the point of crazy.

I prefer to write at night.

Why? IT’S QUIET. I don’t live in a family with lots of people — just my mother, father, my brother and me — but still. It’s a fairly small house, and sound travels. I. Need. Silence. To. Write. Even if I’m writing blog posts, hence why I’m writing this blog post at 12:32 AM at night; because it’s silent. In saying that, however, I still do write during the day. It’s not imperative for me to write at nighttime, though it’s much preferred.

I switch off the internet while I write/edit.

The internet has a dangerous hold on me, guys. Therefore I disconnect from the wi-fi while I write. (I’m also getting the strong feeling I’m not the only one who does this!)

I like my door shut.

I know, I know. Another crazy one.

Cheezburger animated GIF

Are there certain things you do before/during/after writing? I’d love to hear them!


17 thoughts on “Writerly Post Wednesday: Writing Rituals!

  1. I do some of these too :) In Scrivener, the text defaults to Courier for some reason, and I HATE IT. My font must be Calibri. It used to be Bookman Old Style for some reason, but yeah…Calibri (which is annoying because my school assignments have to be in Times New Roman). I don’t ALWAYS write with music, but I’ve found it helps with the really emotional scenes. Since I’m writing fantasy at the moment I’m so lost as to what I should listen to!! Maybe adventurous Disney songs, I don’t know :P And yes, I write at night too…although mostly because I am SO not a morning person.

    • Yes, I really really hate how the text is always Courier! That font and I do not mix. At all. Not really a fan of Calibri — I think mainly because my first novel was written in that font. And that novel is still a mess, so whenever I think of Calibri, I think of that novel. O.o For fantasy, I suggest Two Steps From Hell. They often make trailer-ish sounding music, but I love it. <3

  2. I write with music depending on my mood too. Usually I listen to only instrumental music such as The Piano Guys or movie sound tracks. I also write at night too. It’s mostly because I have cross country practice early in the morning during the summer and during the school day school starts really early in the morning. Ugh. Just writing this makes me dread waking up that early. I’m going to have to wake up at 6 every morning unless I have a dual cross country practice, in which case I’ll have to wake up at 5. But on the plus side, that gives me more time for homework, studying, reading and writing because I also get home early. Anyways…just excuse my little rant right there. I should probably turn off the WiFi on my laptop when I write. I’m always multitasking, which I know is very unproductive. I’m going to fix that, though.

  3. Your post has encouraged me to try Scrivener again. Sigh. Literally, I miss writing so much. It’s strange, because I told myself I would never have to write another novel, but after reading all your writerly posts, I miss it sosososo much. I never have the courage to turn off my WiFi… I always have to have Skype on. I don’t know. I’m weird. I like talking. Usually, I’ll send whoever I’m talking to snippets of what I’m writing and they’re just like lolwut. I have playlists for my novels as well! I listen to them sometimes just because they’re the only playlists I make and I like the songs, haahah. I write better at night or early morning as well. Idek.

    (My playlists always feature really depressing songs….)

  4. YOU AND ME BOTH!! I always have my word docs a certain way. I tried writing in Arial once, I mean, come on! Arial?! It’s a normal acceptable font. But the book felt totally dumb the whole time and I couldn’t even connect. >_< It has to be Times Roman for me with font at 12 and chapter titles in capitals. I haven’t used Scrivener. Do you reckon it’s really really useful? I need to google about it actually and see what writers think. I kind of want to try it, but I’m not sure if I move myself out of normal routine if I’ll be okay, you know? YES I’M HOPELESS. I need routine.
    I used to always write at night but now? Bleh. I write in the day and watch TV at night. ;) I’m glad I switched that habit though because I like to sleep, hehe.

  5. I definitely have writing rituals! I love making playlists for my novels, but sometimes I’ll just listen to the same album 3298478932 times. For example, I listened to Ed Sheeran’s + the ENTIRE time I wrote my last novel. All the songs were just perfect for it. Although I did make a playlist, as well, but that was more of a “this song is perfect for that scene” kind of playlist, rather than “I listened to these songs whilst writing this book” playlist. Sometimes, though, I don’t want any music because it’s an intense scene and I don’t want anything to take my attention away.

    Font is incredibly important to me when writing. And I don’t use the same font for every piece, either. The font needs to suit the story. I spent about half an hour picking out the font for my current book because it needed to suit the mood, and it needed to be a font that the character would identify with (look, I’m crazy, too!). My fonts also need to be in size twelve. My chapter headings are generally in bold.

    I can write at almost any time! It just depends on whether or not I have inspiration. Sometimes that’ll strike at 9am, 4pm, 9pm. So time isn’t really an issue, but I do prefer to write during the day.

    The internet. That’s a hard one. I don’t turn it off, but I try not to get sucked in by it, either. I need Google for research, which is why I tell myself I need the internet open XD

    I write in the loungeroom! So there is no door to shut. But I only have one other person living with me, who isn’t home from 8am-5pm weekdays, so I have the house to myself ;D

    This was such a fabulous post and I loved it. If you cannot tell by my essay comment!

    • Haha, I LOVE long comments like these! :D

      YES! Music definitely depends on my mood for me. If I know where I am going with the story and what to write, I often find that background sound/music is nice. But if I actually have to concentrate — say, if I’m editing a difficult part of the novel, then I NEED silence.

      I’m with you on different fonts for different novels. YOU ARE SPOT ON. And also sometimes it’s just nice to have a change, you know? Too much Times New Roman (or whatever it’s called) does my head in.

      Most of the time I do turn off my internet… but like you said, sometimes I have to do research, so the internet goes back on. And then usually I’ll get sucked into Twitter or something, which doe nothing for my novel. :P

      Thank you so much for stopping by on my blog & and leaving that comment. <3

  6. All of these make perfect sense to me! I like music or some form of background noise as long as it is not talking/partying etc noise made by people, I find it hard to concentrate under those conditions. I like the night to write as well, but mainly because it feels darker, more mysterious. And hallelujah! I am pleased to hear I am not the only crazy person, I only like to write in certain fonts and it kills me when my tutors ask for essays in different fonts, I have to change it all up at the end! aha. Great post.

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