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So it occurred to me the other day, as I was walking out of K-Mart with my copy of Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang, that Falling Into Place is the first book I’ve received an e-ARC of (from Netgalley) that I have actually bought. As you’ve already realized, I’m a tough reviewer, so it’s not that often for me to give our four or five star books. Most books I read and review fall into the two or three star category, and as the majority of books I read are from the library — I just don’t see the point in buying them after.

There are, of course, some exceptions.

Like, for example, Falling Into Place. (Review next Monday, in case you’re interested. It was really really good and you should all read this book.) Other examples include Daughter of Smoke & Bone, which I originally borrowed from the library but when this edition was published, I added it to my ever growing collection of novels. Another example was A Game of Thrones, but that wasn’t necessarily about supporting the author; it was more that it was cheaper to buy the set box (including the one I’d read) rather than buying them individually. Because apparently I’m stingy like that. But apart from those few examples. . . I’m honestly racking my brain to think of me supporting authors.

That sounds awful, I know.

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Melodramatic gif? Pffft.

In short, I should probably do it some more.

Of course, for almost every avid reader out there, there is the issue of money. And therefore it might be hard to support authors when money is short or being used for more essential needs — which is completely understandable. Yet more people buying a book opposed to borrowing it from the library could determine the future of the writer; whether the series will continue, whether they’ll receive any more publishing contacts.

Sometimes the difference between me buying and borrowing a book is, well, the cover.

How shallow, I know. And petty. And a hundred other words that I could choose to put here, but I won’t, because I’m lazy. Ignite Me is an example of this. I’m sure you’ve read many things about me refusing to buy this book on the basis that the cover is very, very unappealing, but it’s not the only one. Sometimes I will buy them — but I’ll order them online, from Fishpond or Bookworld or somewhere similar. (But essentially, I am a very impatient person; I hate waiting for things to arrive!)

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I would love to hear from you guys! What do you think about supporting authors? How often will you buy a book you’ve borrowed or received an ARC from?



17 thoughts on “Friday Rambles: Supporting Authors!

  1. I don’t do this enough, either. I have very limited book-buying funds (oh, the horror) so I only buy books very occasionally. And I don’t read e-ARCs so I don’t have that problem of not owning the physical copy (that said, if I hadn’t received Falling Into Place I TOTALLY WOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING). But I do think it’s important to support authors – not just through buying books but through reading them, reviewing them, spreading the word…all that stuff :D

  2. You’re such a good person. I’ve never bought a book that I read as an ARC. I guess that could be because there was only one or two books that I’d truly enjoyed as ARCs and I haven’t seen them at my local bookseller, haha. If I saw Better off Friends in the bookstore, I’d definitely pick it up if it was within my price range. Something I DO do is purchase books that I’ve already purchased as an ebook. It’s a serious problem, and honestly, I have no intention in curing it. I just want to own a physical copy of books that I love. For example, I bought Angelfall in both paperback and Kindle edition. I have World After on my Kindle, but I’m pretty sure I’ll pick up a paperback version real soon.

    Anyway, I’m rambling now! I think it’s great that you support the authors :) I support Victoria Schwab when Jesse and Regan did that thing on Twitter. (So specific, I know. Whatever.)

    Great post! :) As always.

  3. I don’t buy books frequently, either. I usually borrow them from the library or buy them really cheap at the library book sale. I’m not really a money spender-even when it comes to books. Buying books is a great way to support the author, but at the same time, everyone has to pay taxes that go to the library, so I mostly utilize the library. Sometimes I’ll buy a nonfiction/how-to/writing book because I know that it’s something I’ll turn to again and again. Otherwise, I mostly support authors by reviewing books and recommending them to my friends.

  4. I’m definitely the wrong person to answer this question because I am so much of an impulse buyer. But yes I’m pretty judgmental about book covers too.

  5. I used to do this all the time and purchase the books which I received ARCs for. But I’ve noticed since then that space on my bookshelf is quickly running out, so I only do it if I really loved the book. The cover for this one is amazing as well!

  6. I have to agree with you about buying books being something I am doing less, and less, especially when I have received an ARC or for that matter, borrowed a book from the library! I just simply have too many books, not enough space and I cannot afford it. It makes me sad, but I do try to buy the books I love the most, and like you, if a cover does not look appealing, I am sadly less tempted to pick it up for my shelves. It’s fickle, but I want things to look nice on my shelves!

  7. I’m sad that I don’t support authors more, but I just absolutely don’t have the money to buy books. *sigh* Leaving reviews and really promoting books I love is how I support them (I’ll talk about books I hate, but I won’t talk about them nearly as much as the ones I love. Positivity! XD lol) I’ve never bought a real copy after I read an ARC. :| When I’m rich and famous…

  8. I like to try to keep my personal collection either books I will reread, or books by authors I collect. So, so far I haven’t bought any physical copies of eARCs, but there is one I have my eye on. I agree that a good cover will sway my decision. In regards to supporting authors, there are those who read from libraries and buy second hand books – these aren’t exactly supporting the author directly, but you are reading their words, talking about it, lending it out and going a step further by having this blog, so I’d say you do plenty to support authors. These days too author success isn’t just book sales or cash made, there’s merch deals, movies, tv shows, appearances etc.

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