Writerly Post Wednesday: Introducing you to . . . The Awesomeness of Pinterest


So if you know me, then you also must know that I love Pinterest. It’s pretty incredible, actually! It’s a multi-purpose sites — can be used for businesses, companies . . . and, yes, you guessed it, writers and authors! So this post is going to introduce you to Pinterest, and why if you’re a writer, you should consider signing up for an account.

Me? I’m inspired a lot by pictures.

So naturally, Pinterest is pretty darn perfect for me. A single image had spark the flame for a character, setting, scene, chapter, or even a whole novel. If you’re inspired by images and words, then you’re most likely going to find Pinterest of some use to your writing. (Of course, you can used Pinterest for other things, too, but I’m going to focus on how it can benefit your writing. I don’t just have writing-related boards; I have boards for TV shows, and things that amuse me, too.) Also? If you’re a writer that likes organization, then Pinterest might be very helpful.

Don’t forget to click on the images to make them bigger!

First of all, you have your “news feed” page where pins come up from boards/people that you follow. It’ll look something like this:



How does Pinterest work?

Pretty much, it’s when you pin pins to your boards — you can name these boards whatever you want (Eg, a board for a certain work-in-progress may contain pins which remind you of characters/places/scenes.) Altogether, I have twenty-four boards. Here’s what your profile board will look something like:

pint 2


But wait! How do I find pins?

You have several options. By either your news feed, as shown way up there ^^ or by searching for individual pins/themes/ideas in the search bar. Here’s the first picture again!


I know, I know — you’re totally overwhelmed with my awesome paint abilities. Please, control your excitement.

But wait (again)! That’s not all! You can search by PINS or PINNERS or BOARDS! And look! I have a notification!

(The notification came up when I was printing screen, so I might as well explain it now.)



Aaaaaannnnnd, that’s not all! You can have secret boards, too!

But whhhhyyy? you ask. Well . . . secret boards I use for my novels which are not set in stone. When I know things are going to change — like names, plot, characters, and the overall idea of the novel. Here are my (now not so) secret Pinterest boards:


That covers it for today! That’s how I use Pinterest to procrastinate effectively brainstorm a novel. If you use Pinterest, how do you use it? And if not — do you think Pinterest suits your writing habits? Let me know!


9 thoughts on “Writerly Post Wednesday: Introducing you to . . . The Awesomeness of Pinterest

  1. Gosh, I feel exactly the same way. I love Pinterest so, so much (I love your boards, by the way!) and it’s been so helpful for novel-building. I go for a lot of the magical stuff, and Pinterest is obviously wonderful in that department. Great post!

  2. You paint? That’s awesome! On 17 Sep 2014 05:33, “Diary of a Teen Writer” wrote:

    > Kara @ Diary of a Teen Writer posted: ” So if you know me, then you > also must know that I love Pinterest. It’s pretty incredible, actually! > It’s a multi-purpose sites — can be used for businesses, companies . . . > and, yes, you guessed it, writers and authors! So this post is going to > intro”

  3. Oh man, I barely use Pinterest. Maybe it’s because my internet is so crappy and pictures use data/bandwidth xD Meh, whatever. I never really got into Pinterest, but I’m glad that it works out well for you! I’ve seen your Pinterest, and I love it, tbh. The pictures you repin are so creepy and amazing, but, y’know, creepy. Great post! :)

  4. I joined up months ago, pinned one of my reviews that a publisher added the image from, then didn’t bother until I received a message that my account had been hacked. Really, they hacked my account to advertise weight loss. I love food, as if anyone would have believed that was me. Lol. I’d use it more if thet had a Windows Phone app that worked. Probably best that the dodgy app stays that way though, I’d never get any reviews done :D

  5. Unfortunately, Pinterest is kind of the ideal tool for procrastination–BUT, like you, I also love to use it for writing inspiration, and I think it’s got some great benefits for writers! I’ve actually been meaning to make a new mood board for my latest project; I love the idea of trying to capture the essence of your story on a pinboard. :) I also think it’ll help with inspiration, because then when I’m feeling less than happy with my manuscript I can take a peek at all of the wonderful aspects of it as shown on my Pinterest board and hopefully regain my motivation.

    And of course, it’s also great for reminding me to be a more visual and detail-oriented writer, because I see so many beautiful photos and quotes/poems and ideas on Pinterest that I’m just dying to integrate into my work!

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