Reader/Writer Confessions: Buying Books . . . But Taking FOREVER to Read Them

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Ahh, Saturday, glorious Saturday! So what am I confessing to you all today?


I promise, this post was not just an excuse to take pretty pictures of books Promise.

So I like buying books. Who doesn’t? The problem is this: I have a very high TBR pile, and I have heaps and heaps and heaps of library books to read. So that leaves the books that I’ve bought, waiting until I’ve finished my library books, because my reasoning is that library books should be read first, as they have to go back.

But then that leaves me with a bunch of unread books.

(This also includes books I’ve won.)

Don’t get me wrong! I’ll read them . . . eventually.

. . . When I have time . . . when I stop borrowing even more books from the library. Which is unlikely to happen.

NOTE: I just want to point out that these aren’t all the books that I’ve bought and haven’t read. (But most of them.)

Here’s why it’s taking me so long to read them:

Time! Where is all the time? HSC year = study. Study = less time to read. Less time to read = less books being read. You get the idea. Time is definitely a factor because reading can take quite a few hours/days depending on the book itself. I swear I need a whole month of just reading to catch up with my ever-growing TBR pile! Bring on the end of the year!


Sometimes I’m really excited about a book, then I stash it away to read later, then I forget about it . . . and then I lose interest in it.

Take Scarlet for example. PEOPLE KEEP TELLING ME THAT IT’S AN AWESOME BOOK. So why haven’t I read it yet? I need to, I really do! As well as finding the time for these things, I also need to find the motivation for actually reading them. I don’t want to FORCE myself to read them — what’s the point of that? Reading is supposed to be fun!

Similar to above, but sometimes I’ll buy a book  . . . and then hear not-so-good things about it. My motivation is decreased, and so it just sits there.


Then there are the books — like Rainbow Rowell, for example — that I’m constantly hearing amazing things about.

So I should read them, right? But what if they don’t live up to my expectations? OH, THE DISAPPOINTED. I find myself being disappointed by books, lately (Eg, The Queen of the Tearing) which makes me hesitant to read these books. It also doesn’t help that I seem to have a knack for disliking books other people love. I can’t help it!

But I will read Fangirl and Eleanor & Park. Eventually.


Oooh, look at the pretty!

So all in all: I WILL read these book eventually, once my TBR pile has shrunk a little, and once I feel motivated in doing so.

What about you guys? Do you buy books then take ages to read them — or is it just me? Does it depend on the book! Let me know in the comments!


22 thoughts on “Reader/Writer Confessions: Buying Books . . . But Taking FOREVER to Read Them

  1. Yep yep yep. I’ve got books from my birthday MONTHS ago that I haven’t read. I’ve even got some I bought myself last year that I haven’t got around to. They just kind of…sit there. And at the beginning of this year I won 20 YA books from Allen and Unwin (still slightly amazed) and have barely read any. But I will…one of these days…

  2. Yep – this definitely happens to me! I still have books from last Christmas that I still haven’t had the chance to get to because other books seem to be coming in and I feel inclined to read them first. I guess that sometimes I see the books I buy as an ’emergency stash’ if I suddenly run out of ones to read (which probably won’t happen) but I will definitely be getting to some of them soon!

  3. Oh yes. Oh definitely yes. Although I don’t buy them. Usually I win them and then I really don’t have a desperate need to read them. I end up reading library books instead! I’ve been reading crazily this year and I STILL don’t feel like I’ve caught up. One book I feel particularly guilty about is Wicked. I was given it in January and I still haven’t read it yet. >_<
    But these are such pretty pictures anyway. Books are nice to LOOK at anyway, even if we don't read them asap, right?!

  4. I, too, suffer from this plague of book buying and procrastination. I’m starting to think I should weed out my unread pile at home because it’s getting kind of ridiculous. Anyways, great post! :)

  5. This is so true! And I really do anticipate reading the books that I’ve bought…but library books and books I’ve borrowed from people are priority number 1! That and my actual currently-reading list (yes, it’s actually a LIST!)…

  6. YES. YES. YES. This post is so accurate! I always do my best to read library and review books first, and then move onto books I’ve bought/won/was gifted…and sometimes that means reading a book I was SUPER DUPER excited for a year or so later.

  7. I really liked the photographic angles you used to take pictures of the books, it was very swish, and the books did look absolutely beautiful. *frowns in sadness that I don’t own them* And yes, so terribly guilty of a massive tbr-pile, and I constantly buy more books. I do not even want to think about the amount of books I have to read. Thankfully I have stopped going to the library these days, more because I am not actually a member of the library now I have moved and secondly because I spend far too much time reading my books for my Uni course so I have lots of other books to read!

  8. I have this same kind of problem, although on a smaller scale because I don’t buy books all that often. I’m the same as you with library books getting first priority, and since I usually leave the library with a stack of books, it means the titles I own keep getting pushed back–yikes! But like you, I WILL read them, hopefully sooner rather than later. :)

    Also, I loved both of the Rainbow Rowell books you featured, so I’d definitely recommend them! I’ve also got THE WINNER’S CURSE on my to-read list, so fingers crossed I like it, when I finally manage to get to it. ;)


    Seriously though. Those are some sexy books you got going on there. :P I need time to read more, damn.

  10. WOHOO balancing life during HSC? *high five* me too. Honestly, my TBR pile has stacked itself higher than I ever could have imagined. Some days I just daydream past the month of October to when it’s all over so that I can read again LOL Which isn’t to say that I’m not reading more than I should right now, but there’s just so much I want to read at the same time. But…we’ll get there eventually, won’t we ;)

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