Writerly Post Wednesday: Beautiful People Link Up #4

This post is in place of my usual Writerly Post Wednesday.


This post is part of the Beautiful People monthly segment, hosted by Sky and Cait. Pretty much, this is where we interview our characters. Exciting!

Today, I’m going to introduced you to one of my villains from my High Fantasy novel The Empire of Stars.  So, Honestly, I love to write villains. They’re so much fun — their motives, their personality, their actions, can be varied. Some “villains” can be the loveable type, and some had been down-right evil. Today I’m introducing you to Dagon (pronounced dae — gon) Ironstarr, and he falls into that latter category. He’s what I’d call the “big bad” of the story.

1. What is their motive?

Power, greed, envy. Dagon Ironstarr was born into royalty, but was always overlooked as a child in favour of his older brother (whom he killed, FYI, yes this novel is a fairly dark high fantasy) and he worked his way from the bottom of his family to the top.

2. What do they want, and what are they prepared to do to get it?

He wants to rule the empire, pretty much. And he won’t let anything stand in his way. He’s the kind of villain that pushes his more painful memories to the back of his mind — letting his greed and hate rule his mind.

3. How do they deal with conflict?

If he sees something that might be a threat, then he eliminates it. Usually, he gets other people to do his dirty work for him — he’s manipulative, cruel, though prefers to sit back and watch rather than bloody his hands.

4. Describe their current place of residence.

A castle! YAY. Who doesn’t like castles? Turrets and towers, silk sheets and four-poster beds, rose gardens and cobbled pathways, servants and slaves. He likes comfort. And food. And wine. A lot of wine, usually. (I wouldn’t call him a drunk, per se; he just likes to indulge himself.)

5. If they were writing this story, how would it end?

HAHA this question is awesome. If Dagon were writing the story, it would, of course, end with him ruling the empire, sitting on the throne, preferably with several jugs of wine around him.

6. What habits, speech patterns, etc. are unique to them?

He taps. Tap, tap, tap. He does this involuntarily when he’s under stress. He’s also got a keen eyes, notices the smallest of details, and is always attentive. Nothing ever slips by without his notice.

7. How do they show love? What do they like to do with/for people they love?

Dagon Ironstarr, show love? AS IF. He did love his late wife — kind of. That didn’t stop him from hunting her when she became treasonous, and really, he doesn’t “love” his children, either. He views them as objects that can be married off to nobility to improve alliances and forge treaties. He cares very little for their well-being.

8. Do they have any pets?

No pets — but if he did, probably a snake.

9. Where would they go to relax/think?

His personal chambers. It’s where he can relax scheme, and not be disturbed.

10. What is their weapon of choice?

In terms of a physical weapon: Always, always, always, Dagon has his personal blade Ryn’era on him wherever he goes. He’ll also have a few other blades hidden here and there in case he needs them. His words, too, could be viewed as a weapon; he’s not afraid to emotionally manipulate people to get what he wants.

That’s all for this month! What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Writerly Post Wednesday: Beautiful People Link Up #4

  1. I love villains, books need them to keep it interesting. It’s funny how they can even turn us around to their side, think Warner from the Shatter Me series. He ended up far more popular than Adam, the supposed ‘nice guy’. Dagon Ironstarr sounds delicious, but don’t tell him that. I’m not having fictional character hunt me down *slinks off avoiding eye contact*

  2. WAIT what’s the difference between fantasy and high fantasy? And I love this whole post. The name Dagon is awesomesauce, because it’s almost Dragon, and gives him that ruthless, animalistic vibe right away. *cough* but I’m sure I’m not the first to point that out. Gah, loving him. ;D

    • Fantasy is the overall genre, so I’d call high fantasy a sub-genre. (Other sub genres could include things like urban fantasy — eg, City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.) High fantasy generally refers to books set in whole new worlds — eg, The Lord of the Rings, A Game of Thrones, ect. Hope that helped!

      That was actually one of the reasons I chose Dagon for his name, hehe. ^_^ It just seemed to suit him.

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