Friday Rambles: Fifty Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me (Part Two)

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Hey, all! Here is the second part of the “get to know me” posts. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Read the first post here.

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26. Once, I saw an echidna waddling across the road.

It was very adorable. And spiky. But cute, too. Fun fact: my computer did not recognize “echidna” to be a word. Pffft.

27. I have an anxiety disorder. (GAD.)

(Generalized Anxiety Disorder.) Some of you might already know this, I don’t know. But sometimes I feel as though anxiety isn’t as widely known — or understood — as something like depression. In my opinion it can be just as debilitating. Let me paint a picture for you: You know when you’re walking home from school, your school bag filled with heavy books? For me, anxiety it like that — except more of a mental weight rather than physical — that rests on my shoulders, usually for something really, really inconsequential. Like touching a doorknob a sick person might’ve touched. Or social events, where I don’t know people. Or talking to people on the phone (I can’t. It makes me so ridiculously anxious.) Or school. I had to leave “mainstream” school to be home-schooled because it caused me too much anxiety.

28. I LOVE gory/scary things.

Maybe I’m a little crazy? Maybe. In saying that, though, I HATE it when things jump out at me. I do not like being startled.

29. Favourite food? (Apart from chocolate.) Pasta!

Who doesn’t like pasta?

30. I’m so good at procrastinating things that I procrastinate procrastinating.

I’m just going to pretend that made sense.

31. I love fairytales! The weirder, the darker, the better!

32. I love spring/summer and I hate it.

I have a very complicated relationship with the warmer side of the year, it seems. I love going to the beach, and by this time of the year I’m kinda over the cold anyway, so it’s nice for things to warm up. BUT when it’s hot, I’m lazy. Very lazy.

33. I’ve never seen the adaptation of Eragon.

I’ve been told to stay far, far away from it, and thus far, I have. I won’t lie though: I am curious.

arya animated GIF

34. I never wear makeup.

What’s the point? I don’t want people to judge me by my looks; I want them to judge me by my personality. And besides, it looks like way too much effort.


Not with everything, mind you, just with some things.

36. When I was in Year Three, I broke my leg. I had a cast from the top of my thigh to my toes. (I still have the cast somewhere… All my friends signed it.)

Story: It was the first day of Year Three, I was around eight-ish? I’m not entirely sure about my age, but I do remember walking away from the playground equipment when the recess bell rang, and someone — well — someone jumped on me. Yes, you read that correctly. It was an accident — I think what happened was that he jumped from the top of the equipment and right into me. The next thing I knew I was lying on the floor with a blazing pain in my lower right leg. Then I proceeded to spend the rest of the day at the hospital, getting my cast done, and being wheeled around everywhere. (Luckily, it was a spiral fracture and did not need to be set in place, so no operation required.)

Apart from the whole not being able to walk for six weeks (I think? I don’t quite remember) it wasn’t too bad. Though I think I still do walk with a very slight limp.

37. I strongly dislike going shopping for clothes. Books on the other hand…? Not so much. ;)

38. Never once, have I tried coffee!

I suspect this has something to do with my insomnia… I don’t want to make it worse.

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39. For the first time in my life, I watched The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars this year. Never had I watched either of them before.

(In case you’re wondering, I loved both.)

(In case you’re also wondering, I did watch the spider scene in the third of the Rings movie. Just. I had my eyes half closed and flinched every ten seconds — but I made it! Huzzah!)

40. I have a weakness for spring rolls.

41. I have been overseas — but only once.

New Zealand, North Island.

42. My astrological sign? Pisces!

43. My favourite movie has to be Finding Nemo.

(Yes, I intentionally put that here as my astrological sign in Pisces — ie, a fish.)

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.

(I now have a very strong urge to rewatch this movie. I have also never been more excited for a sequel of something…)

fish animated GIF

44. I HATE the idea of fate.

Because really, it implies you don’t have choices.

45. I am not a leader. I am a follower. And that is okay.

46. I think about writing ALL THE TIME.

Literally, all the time.

47. I would love to do a vlog one day; but, I really have no idea what I’d talk about.

Also, as I’ve said, I’m not very eloquent at speaking. So. That poses a bit of an issue.

48. I went through a period where I LOVED candles.

As in, I’d have six or seven of them lit at the one time. FIRE IS SO PRETTY. (I’m not an arsonist. Promise.) They are also really fun to take photographs of, I think that’s what motivated me in the first place. I stopped when the weather started to turn warmer.


49. I’M GREEK.

Uh, but I can’t speak it. Oxi? (That’s the only word I know — pronounced OH-kee, meaning “no”.) Ironically, I HATE seafood… Apparently, Greeks love their seafood. But NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. Unless your fish tastes like chicken, I’m not eating it. Clearly I have embraced my culture…

50. Kookaburras like to frequent our washing line. And also poo on our clothes.

But let’s forget that second part.




19 thoughts on “Friday Rambles: Fifty Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me (Part Two)

  1. LOVE THESE. It’s so interesting finding out about bloggers, and going “yes yes yes” when we have things in common! Phone calls, for example. Can’t do them. My hands literally shake. I couldn’t watch the spider scene in Lord of the Rings (or The Hobbit). Had to close my eyes – pathetic, right? :P ironically the one in Harry Potter is fine. I guess because I’ve grown up with it or something? I also think about writing 24/7 and I’d love to vlog one day, but I’d have to get an actual camera and…yeah, too much effort for now :P

    • I love reading these things, too! It’s such a great way to get to know bloggers, which was why I decided to do one. :) That’s really interesting, though I’ve never watched the spider scenes in Harry Potter! I just…don’t think I can brave it. I’ve filled up my spider-watching quota for the year. ;)

  2. YOU ARE AWESOME. Seriously, you are. And I hate kookabarras. My dad feeds a whole fleet of them on our veranda each morning and rughhh. I’m not a fan. -_- Neither am I fan of koalas, which growl in our yard at night. lol I’m possibly more of an indoor person. ;-)
    I don’t ever ever call on the phone. Ever. Which is why I’m extremely nervous about vlogging, especially alone. >.>
    I’m very competitive with myself. I KNOW IT’S CRAZY. But I’m always trying to beat my reading goals, beat how fast I can write a book, beat how fast I can read….gah. It’s exhausting being me sometimes. lol

  3. Thanks for sharing with us! I suffer anxiety too so I can relate. I HATE talking on the phone, it causes me a lot of anxiety, so does driving, and heaps of other stuff. I have seen Eragon and actually really enjoyed it. I’ve been trying to read the book but haven’t been able to get into it. .
    I only wear make-up on special occasions, I don’t like the feel of it on my face.
    I’m competitive too and, of course, think about writing all the time.

    • In a way, it’s good to see I’m not alone. Sometimes I feel people think I’m weird that I get so anxious at the prospect of talking on the phone, and in all honesty, I can’t really describe what it is that makes me so anxious; it just does. I haven’t learned to drive, yet, but even the idea of drvigng freaks me out a little. xD Hopefully it won’t be as terrifying as I think it will be.

      We have a lot in common, it seems. :)

      • Yes, people find it hard to understand the phone anxiety – I find people find it hard to understand any anxiety unless they have it too. Hopefully driving won’t cause you anxiety, my main problem is not the act of driving itself, but driving to places I’ve not been before.

  4. Cool! So many interesting facts…and so many things I can relate to!
    Being acknowledged for my personality instead of how good (or bad) I look is something that’s really important to me too.
    And I’ve watched the Eragon film FOUR times…I’m sorta sick of it now (and it wasn’t my fault…you try look for some weekday entertainment on the film channel…)
    Now that you mention spring rolls, NOM NOM NOM. I can’t get enough of them…

  5. That coffee gif kind of creeps me out :P.
    I can relate to you on so many things you listed! I LOVE spring rolls, I’m competitive, I want to vlog one day (I WILL. ONE DAY.) and ohmygod candles! I still love them but the weather here Love knowing more about you! :)

  6. I loooove pasta. And I’m great at procrastinating. And I love fairytales. And I love spring/summer yet hate it. I’ve seen Eragon, but I haven’t read the book (don’t shoot me, I was like nine when it came out). I wear makeup :P COFFEE IS MY LIFE. I LOVE STARBUCKS’ MOCHA MILK LMAOOO. Oh my god have you seen the new Star Treks? I love them so much cos hey Chris Pine. Off topic, but you said Star Wars and I thought of Star Trek. I am a leader and a follower. It’s weird and I hate it. I think abotu writing all the time but it doesn’t always happen. My mom doesn’t trust me with candles… She says that I might burn the house down oops :P AND I WAS ADOPTED AND BORN IN CHINA.

    Sorry. I’ve made it a goal to comment on all your blog posts because you’re awesome. Might as well make quality comments.

    • Hehe, no worries, I love your comments. :)

      You know, I’ve never actually watched Star Trek before. Should I? I’ve always seemed to have perceived it as a bit… I don’t know, corny? But then again I hardly even know what it’s about, so I probably shouldn’t be judging. :P

  7. 27 – aw, me too =( but 28 was the complete opposite, I can’t stand scary things! That coffee gif was so funny. I think I did see Eragon once… but I really don’t remember it. I tried to read the book at some point and couldn’t get into it.

    I like these 50-random-things type posts because they’re so fun to read and you find out so many interesting things about other bloggers. :3 Thanks for sharing!

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