Book Review: Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

snowlikeashesTitle: Snow Like Ashes

Author: Sara Raasch

Format/Length: ARC Paperback/432 pages

Publisher/Date Published: October 14th 2014/Balzer + Bray

Category/Genre: Young Adult/High-Fantasy

Source: Won!

Description: A heartbroken girl. A fierce warrior. A hero in the making.

Sixteen years ago the Kingdom of Winter was conquered and its citizens enslaved, leaving them without magic or a monarch. Now, the Winterians’ only hope for freedom is the eight survivors who managed to escape, and who have been waiting for the opportunity to steal back Winter’s magic and rebuild the kingdom ever since.

Orphaned as an infant during Winter’s defeat, Meira has lived her whole life as a refugee, raised by the Winterians’ general, Sir. Training to be a warrior—and desperately in love with her best friend, and future king, Mather — she would do anything to help her kingdom rise to power again.

So when scouts discover the location of the ancient locket that can restore Winter’s magic, Meira decides to go after it herself. Finally, she’s scaling towers, fighting enemy soldiers, and serving her kingdom just as she’s always dreamed she would. But the mission doesn’t go as planned, and Meira soon finds herself thrust into a world of evil magic and dangerous politics – and ultimately comes to realize that her destiny is not, never has been, her own.

5/5 stars — Loved it!


Snow Like Ashes was one of my most anticipated reads of 2014.

I was lucky enough to win a advance reader’s copy of this one, and I am so, so glad that I did, because this has officially become one of my favourite books I’ve read this year. First off, as you’ve probably realized, I love everything high/epic fantasy. You get to explore whole new worlds — I mean, who doesn’t want to read something like that? I have to admit that the first thing that caught my attention was, well, the cover.

Can we just take a moment to look at its gloriousness?

If you’re wondering — like I did — what that is on the cover, it’s a chakram: circular throwing blades.

So — in other words — our main character in Snow Like Ashes, Meira, is completely badass and awesome. But insecure and vulnerable too, especially when it came to her role in saving Winter. And I think that was what I most liked about her. She had her fair-share of kick-ass moments, but underneath she’s an orphaned girl who, I believe, doesn’t fully know her place in the world.

Yes. There’s a love triangle.

This might bother some readers who are adamantly opposed to love triangles… but they’re not all bad, or at least I don’t think so. I only have issues with a love triangle when a) the plot becomes too revolved around it for my tastes, and b) when neither of the love interests are likeable. In Snow Like Ashes the love triangle is both likeable and believable… and I will be very interested to see what Meira does about that in the next book.

Oh, and don’t ask me to chose between Mather or Theron. I can’t! But I really did love Meira and Mather’s relationship…

frozen animated GIF

Look out — plot twist!

No spoilers, I promise, so this is going to be as vague as I can possibly make it… but I loved that twist near the end. I. did. not. see. it. coming. At all. It changed the storyline completely — in a good way — and made you second guess both the characters and storyline. I love it when books contains twists I don’t see coming, because predictability in a book is a big no-no for me as a reader. I want to be surprised! I wanted to be shocked! And that, my friends, is what Snow Like Ashes achieved.

So here’s my parting advice to you: Go buy this book when it’s released. I simply loved it. There’s magic, adventure, romance, and a plot that’ll leave you breathless and hanging until the very last page. I find is so hard to write a good review for a five star book, because how will my review ever live up to what I’ve read?

I can’t wait to see what awaits Meira in the next instalment.

snow animated GIF

A question for you: Are you looking forward to Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch? And what do you think of that gorgeous cover!!?


14 thoughts on “Book Review: Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

  1. I’m so looking forward to this one! I’ve been keeping my eye on it’s release date for months! And that cover is stunning! Thanks for the review – you’ve made me even more excited for it!

  2. Ooh, I thought it was a ying yang symbol at first, I would never have know it was a weapon. I’ve learnt something today. Hooray! I’m so thrilled you enjoyed it, I’ve been debating whether or not to read this one, now I’m definitely adding it. I don’t mind the occasional triangle, as long as it isn’t there just to add drama, YA has enough of that already. Incredible review Kara, I’m completely sold <3

  3. I was a bit of a black sheep for this one because I couldn’t even finish the book lol but I’m glad that you ended up loving this, Kara! The main character was pretty badass though :P

    Awesome review, lovely! <33

  4. HOORAY! I’m so glad you enjoyed this one. I did too! It is definitely one of my favourite high fantasy releases for 2014, definitely filling the void opened up due to all these series’ ending. But, but, but…I’m on the lookout for Theron and Meira in this one *hides* There’s just something about him that draws me in (it’s the fact that his royal if we’re truly being honest xD) Great review, Kara! I’m eagerly awaiting the next one as well!

  5. I feel like love triangles are way overdone, but I don’t always mind them, and just because a book has a love triangle doesn’t mean I won’t like it. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading this; I love high fantasy, and this one looks like such a cool premise, plus YES to this gorgeous cover design!

  6. This book was so awesome! I reviewed it (five stars too!) and yes, Meira is a great character. I’m one of those odd people who don’t hate love triangles, so didn’t mind that part as much.

  7. I don’t know why but I LOVE MOST LOVE TRIANGLES. IT’S A PROBLEM. I LOVE HATING A CHARACTER AND HATE LOVING A CHARACTER. I JUST. WOW. I JUST. WOW. This book actually looks REALLY good, and I can’t wait to read it when I get my hands on it! I’ve been meaning to get into a fantasy, plus the title is really freaking awesome. Plus you gave it five stars. Plus I’m just really excited for this one. Great review! I can’t wait to read it. :)

    • Yes, I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. You MUST read it when it’s released, I’d love to know what you think of it!! I’ve kind always been on the fence about love triangles. Some books, they’re good. In others, I feel like they’re just there because it’s a YA book. So either way and I’m generally okay with them.

  8. YES. THAT IS ALL I CAN SAY. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK. AND I’M SO GLAD YOU LOVED IT. Definitely going to have to splurge and buy this in beautiful hardcover ASAP. Thanks for a wonderful review, Kara. :)

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