Worldbuilding: Part One (Introduction)

WPW Hi, guys! It’s time to talk about my favourite writing topic. I’ve decided that I’m going to be doing a series of worldbuilding (I still don’t know if that’s one or two words…) each week on Wednesday; I don’t know how many parts there are going to be, but there will be more than one, certainly. As an introduction post, this is going to fairly short. Each week I’ll be discussing a different element of worldbuilding.

These posts are geared towards fantasy; however, you can also use them as a basis for other genres.

You’ll now have the Game of Thrones introduction sequence music stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

In case you are wondering, I chose to put these gifs here because I think that A Game of Thrones has one of the best examples of fantasy worldbuilding I’ve read so far. If you’re looking to read a good novel with fantastic worldbuilding, that’s a book series I’d suggest. (And also because the intro sequence is awesome.)

Here’s why worldbuilding is important:

  • You want your reader to be completely engaged in your world
  • You want your world to feel real — and you’ll need to flesh out your worldbuilding beforehand because if it doesn’t feel real to you, it won’t feel real to your reader. (It is also important to keep the worldbuilding consistent.)
  • It sets the scene for your story — from the worldbuilding, the reader will be able to tell what sort of world the story resides in — eg, a medieval fantasy, a high-tech science fiction world, a steampunk world, dysoptia, and so on.
  • Worldbuilding does not only apply to fantasies, but to practically every genre there is. (However these posts will be geared more towards fantasy, because that is what I write.)

Topics I’ll be discussing over the next few weeks:

EDIT: THIS WORLDBUILDING SERIES IS NOW COMPLETE! Also, feel free to download a Worldbuilding Template in my last topic.

So as you can see, you’ll realize there’s quite a bit to talk about in worldbuilding, which is why I’ve chosen to do it over several weeks instead of condensing it down into one post. Otherwise I’d miss things if I tried to stuff it all into one post!


21 thoughts on “Worldbuilding: Part One (Introduction)

  1. Great post – I look forward to your future discussions. I agree that world-building is incredibly important, and not just in fantasy genre. Fantasy is a genre I’d love to try, but I think it’s too ambitious at the moment.

  2. I can’t wait to read your blog series! My first novel is a sci-fi MG novel. I’m currently waiting for six weeks to pass by before I can begin to edit it, but as time goes by I’m getting more and more scared of editing the first draft. It’s so intimidating! I really didn’t flesh out my world building enough, so this series should be a great help to me. I guess that’s what first first drafts are for…just getting the bare bones down and fleshing everything out later. (No, “first first” is not a typo.)

  3. Ooh, I’m excited for this! I absolutely love the fact that your blog is book-based as well as writing-based :) I’ll be looking forward to these new posts! :) I love your writing is amazing and I love your fantasy novels so I’m really excited to learn more about how you worldbuild.

  4. World building tends to be one of the most common weak aspects in a fantasy novel so I am so glad you’re making this series. It totally does drag your reader into the world quickly and makes us feel involved too!

    Great post, Kara <33

  5. AHHH A WORLD BUILDING SERIES. This looks awesome and I shall read them all, because world building is one of the things I need to work on the most. Thank you for posting these!

    • No problem — thank YOU for reading them. But, fyi: I DID write these a couple of years ago now, and I’ve learnt and grown a lot since then, so literally everything I’ve said is really, really subjective. :) Ideally I’d love to rewrite them one day with everything I’ve learnt since; I just haven’t had the time yet. Buuuuut I do hope you’ll find them helpful, Lana.

      • I read all of them, and they were really helpful! (Even if they were written a few years ago.) They brought to my attention some aspects of world building that I hadn’t thought about. Mostly a lot of cause and effect things, like how a war would affect the farming and the trade, and I loved those new insights for me.

        If you do rewrite them, I’ll certainly look forward to rereading them! :)

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