Loony Blurbs (2)

loony blurbs 4 

This is the meme where we create book blurbs from titles. Because why not? You can find more about the awesome meme here and how to join in here.

16067008Stitching Snow by R. C. Lewis

Lucia has a most peculiar talent. She can stitch things from snow, as if it were any other material. Her home in the White Woods is adorned with her exquisite craftsmanship — right down from snow tunics, skirts, dresses and blouses, yet above all, Lucia treasures her beloved Snow Cloak the most. But one day, as she is out picking snowberries, she returns home to discover that her Snow Cloak is missing. And that the White Woods are melting. Can she return her kingdom to eternal now before it’s too late?

18668051The Secret Hum of a Daisy by Tracy Holczer

Daisies should not hum. But in the Witch’s garden, they do — daisies hum, roses sing, tulips cry– and legend has it that the souls of young children are trapped in their petals, granting the Witch eternal youth. So when Tracy’s younger sister goes missing, leaving nothing but a few petals left behind for evidence, Tracy is determined to found her sister — whatever the cost. But can Tracy get to her in time before her soul is lost forever?

Midnight Thief by Livia Blackburn17566814

Livia is the Midnight Thief. She steals by the light of the moon, when the clocks strike midnight, and so far, she’s successfully been able to avoid the police. Until one night, where she is captured and given an ultimatum: steal an ancient Egyptian artefact from the largest and most profitable museum in her country. There’s only one hitch. The ancient Egyptian relic sent her whirling back in time, and before she realize what’s happening — she’s in 1332 BC. Tutankhamun has just ascended the throne and Livia is forced on a tremendous journey to get back home. But can she do it before time runs out?

Stop in the name of pants 138x191Stop in the Name of Pants! by Louise Rennison

Meet Louise — the tomboy, the soccer player, the avid comic book collector, the girl who always seems to have dirt on her clothes. Ruthlessly bullied at school, Louise makes a life-altering deicide: She will never wear pants again. Ever. Only dresses and skirts. Follow Louise on the roller-coaster journey of self-discovery, as she realizes how hard it is to be someone you’re not. Is it really worth being fake to fit in with the cool kids?

19221478Worry Warts by Morris Gleitzman

Morris should really stop worrying. About his upcoming exams, his parents divorce, and the fact that — for the third time — his brother had stolen his calculator and still not returned it. And what’s even worse? The girl who he’s been crushing on since third grade has just been partnered up with him for a joint assignment. Morris makes it his aim for the year to let her fall in love with him… There’s only just one catch. She’s already dating his older brother. Who said love ever made sense?

17162The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier

Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate. Milk Chocolate vs. White Chocolate. Who will prevail? In the land of La Chocolatina, only one can be crowned the Chocolate King. For sixteen-year-old Robert, it’s not so simple to just choose a side. His loyalties are torn between his family (Dark Chocolate) and his one true love (Milk Chocolate)…but with the Whites attempting to storm their boarders, Dark and Milk must put their differences aside to defeat White Chocolate once and for all . . .

6665671Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A. S. King

Vera Dietz is invisible. Quite literally. So when it comes to boys and making friends and doing school work… things can get a little complicated when people can’t actually see you. It all began when she was six and swallowed her mother’s Potion of Invisibility, but at the age of fifteen, Vera has had enough. Armed with her cat King and the knowledge that the curse can be undone, Vera sets out across the Invisible Plains to search for the cure. But can she find it before she fades from existence completely?

THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN. Link me to your Loony Blurbs so I can take a look at them! :)


10 thoughts on “Loony Blurbs (2)

  1. OMG – I make it a rule never to intrude on a reader’s thoughts. But I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF. These are amazing. And I totally want to re-write my book all over again to your premise. You are an incredible writer. Keep it up!

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