Friday Photography (3)


Welcome to the end of another — hopefully — productive week. As for me, three exams are done (English, papers 1 and 2, and Ancient History), and only a few more to go! Here’s another lot of photography I’ve been wanting to share with you amazing people. Let me know what you think!

photog 6 photog 7 photog 8 photog 10 photog 9

That’s all for this week — how has your Friday been?


12 thoughts on “Friday Photography (3)

  1. YAY YOU’VE GOT SOME EXAMS DOWN! THAT IS AWESOME. Chocolate? OH WAIT. You’re not eating chocolate right….oh you poor soul. I wrote like 7k last night and thought, “I deserve chocolate. I just do.” It was a glorious moment of realisation. *nods* Okay! Okay! I’ll stop talking about it. *ahem*

    My favourite is the yellow one. I LOVE IT. The colour is just gorgeous and the focus? Niiiiiiice.

  2. Woo hoo for being half-finished with exams! I know how good that felt last year when I was completely my VCE. Just wait until they’re all done and dusted – you’ll feel amazing. :) All of those photos are lovely – my favourite one is definitely the one with seagulls. :)

  3. Oh my, Kara, these are absolutely stunning! My favourite is photo four with the blossom. So incredibly lovely <3 It must be a great escape from the pressure of exams to be able to whip out your camera and capture the beauty in life.

    Look at me getting all doe eyed. You're so talented! On block mounted canvases, people would pay a fortune for these! If you ever decide to start selling, you can expect me first in line.
    Just beautiful and thanks so much for sharing Kara <3

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