Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books/TV Shows To Read Or Watch To Get In The Halloween Spirit

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. You can find all the awesome details of the meme right here. If you run a blog, I highly suggest you join it — it’s great fun! 

As I don’t watch a lot of movies, I’ve decided to change up the theme this week a bit, instead using TV shows.

film animated GIF

93782971. Anna Dressed in Blood Kendare Blake.

This book was creepy, creepy, creepy! Definitely a recommended read for fans of Supernatural, though at times I thought that it was a little too similar, you know? But if you’re a fan of ghosts/horror, you’ll probably like this.

2. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.17162156

This is a book that seems to have reviewers divided — but there’s no denying the creep factor that Ransom Riggs wrote so beautifully into his novel; and also, the pictures are cool. Who doesn’t like pictures in books? ALSO? Time travel!

hemlock-grove-poster-key-art-big-netflix3. Hemlock Grove.

Hemlock Grove is a pretty good show. I’ve only watched the first seven episodes of the first season (damn you, exams!) but if you don’t mind a little bit of gore and sex, this is awesome. Plus rather creepy, too — perfect for Halloween. I also think it had one of the best werewolf transformations I’ve seen on television.

4. Carrie by Stephen King.11740831

I didn’t love this week (not really a fan of Stephen King — I know, shocking), but man, I think it would be the perfect read for Halloween!

Supernatural-promo-poster-art-on-brusimm5. Supernatural.

Okay, do I really need to say anything here!? Apart from I LOVE THIS SHOW.

6. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin.11408650

So, honestly, I wasn’t that much of a fan of the first novel (the second one was much better I thought) but daaaaaammn. There were definitely some creepy scences!

kinopoisk.ru7. The Vampire Diaries / The Originals.

Oookay, so I don’t actually watch this show anymore (I do want to catch up on it, though!) but ohhhhh, Damon. <3 THOSE EYES. AMAZING. Ahem. Anyway, where was I? This is about vampires, but not the Twilight kind (well, some are, but they don’t sparkle) and it’s quite a bloody show and times. I binge-watched the first few seasons when I first started watching it. The Originals is a spin off series, but is pretty good.

8. Dangerous Girls by Abgial Haas.17623143


download9. Teen Wolf.

It took me a long time to warm up to this show. If you take away the not so great script-writing, the cheesy dialogue and romance, there’s actually a pretty good story underneath. If you haven’t seen this before, I should probably point out this: It’s not just about wolves. There’s a lot of different mythology taken from other cultures — which is awesome. It’s also hilarious, too.

10. Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.7619057

Zombies, people, zombies! You can’t get more Halloween-ish than that, can you!?

teen wolf animated GIF

What are your recommended reads/watches for Halloween? Have we got anything in common! Let me know in the comments below, and link me to your Top Ten Tuesday.


21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books/TV Shows To Read Or Watch To Get In The Halloween Spirit

  1. Supernatural and Hemlock Grove <3 I LOVE both of those!!! :) I really want to start Teen Wolf, I hear so many amazing things. I also loved Dangerous Girls, such a brilliant book. I would read anything Haas writes after that, especially since Dangerous Boys was really good too. I really want to read Anna Dressed in Blood, it's on my Christmas wishlist.

  2. Urgh…I got both of the Anna books for Christmas and haven’t even thought about starting them…maybe now is a good time of year. Although I’ve just realised that I only have the second book with me at the moment. Oops. I wasn’t a big fan of Miss Peregrine’s, but I think Hollow City is pretty fab. I LOVE MARA DYER. I cannot wait for Retribution. I pre-ordered it a gazillion years ago…I also really need to read Dangerous Girls, and I want to read Carrie and see the new adaptation. I also have to start watching Supernatural again and I want to start watching The Originals, Teen Wolf and maybe Hemlock Grove, too. :) Fantastic recommendations, Kara!

    • Well, if you want to get into the creepy mood of Halloween — then I definitely do recommend giving them a chance. There’s some creepy scenes in those books. (Though I think I liked the first better than the second, but they were both solid reads.) YOU HAVEN’T READ DANGEROUS GIRLS?! YOU MUST. It’s seriously amazing.

  3. I’ve only watched 3 episodes of Teen Wolf, but I actually do love it. Mostly the humour. xD It was hard to go from Supernatural to Teen Wolf though…but I WILL get back to it eventually. When I finish crying about Supernatural. THAT SHOW IS MY FAVOURITE ABOVE ALL FAVOURITES. *cries because S10 is painful* I couldn’t read the Anna Dressed in Blood though, because it felt like it was ripping off SPN. Like with the main character’s name being Cas and the opening book scene being the same opening job the Winchesters did. So. Yeah. I abandoned ship. I’m too loyal to SPN. Hehe.
    Ugh, YES, to Dangerous Girls. Humans. *shudders*

    • Yeah, I think the MC’s name was just a bit too much. I don’t mind some similarities in books, you know, but I can definitely see where you’re coming from. Confession: I’m still on season 9 of Supernatural! I’ve so been meaning to it, which I will after exams. :) I can’t resist the Winchester family for too long anyway!

  4. I love SUPERNATURAL! Okay… so I can only watch it if I marathon a season in a few days (one episode a week just doesn’t work for me with this show). So glad to see it on your list. I’m also very into Teen Wolf! But I have not read a single book from your list! Shame on me. Happy Halloween :)

    • If yo’re looking for an amazing, creep thriller, I highly recommend Dangerous Girls. IT WAS SO GOOD. One of those rare books where the hype actually lives up to what I got. :) Oh, I know what you mean. When I finally caught up with Supernatural, I was so annoyed that I’d have to wait a whole WEEK for the next episode!!

  5. OMG I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR MARA. And it’s creepy which is a major bonus (and totally makes it the best time for a reread considering the third book’s on its way!) Oh the vampire diaries…I gave up at the beginning of season 4–too much love and foiled plans =_=

    • SO EXCITED FOR THE THIRD BOOK. But at the same time I don’t really want it to end, you know? Yeah, I get what you mean with The Vampire Diaries — I gave up around the season four-ish mark, though, though I miiiiiiiiight get back to it sometime. :)

  6. Yesss Anna! It’s not that scary, but a great book for Halloween regardless. Don’t you just love the cover? I really want to read Miss Peregrine sometime soon, and the hardcovers look precious so I’ll probably buy them in the version too.

    Great list there, Kara! <33

  7. I love your list! I am a huge fan of Supernatural and Teen wolf and I really enjoyed warm bodies, the originals, Anna and Mara Dyer. I have never read Carrie though and Hemlock Grove is on my to-watch list :D

  8. Warm bodies…I really, really, REALLY need to read (and watch) that! I’m scared of watching TVD/The Originals and Teen Wolf because I know that I’ll get hooked on them (likewise with Supernatural)…I’m trying to tame the procrastinator inside me, but its hard. Especially with so many good books/movies to get me in the mood for Halloween!

  9. The Walking Dead, which is awesome as season 5 is back on FX. I’ve tried to watch Teen Wolf, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries, but couldn’t get into them at all. Maybe they’re just too beyond my age group. TWD on the other hand, have watched every episode in all four seasons and absolutely love it! Have you seen it Kara? It’s a bit gruesome the first few in season one, but you get used to it.

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