Friday Photography (4)


Happy Friday! Congratulations — you’ve made it through yet another week! Here are some of my favourite shots I’ve taken lately. Let me know what you think!

This one, I should point out, has not been edited/enhanced at all. It’s just freakishly bright.


I took several pictures of roses, but this one was by far my favourite.


Actually a pretty small flower; it just looks so much bigger when I took a shot of it.


I just love the colours in this photo so much.


This picture, by far, is my favourite one I’ve EVER taken. I’ve wanted to get a butterfly on a flower shot for awhile now. I know it’s not perfect — the flower is covering the butterfly’s face — but I still love it.


That’s all for today! Any of you like to dabble in photography? Also, let me know which photo was your favourite! :)


19 thoughts on “Friday Photography (4)

  1. WOOOOOOWZERS. These are all so beautiful, Kara! I especially love the first one and the yellow flower without the butterfly.

  2. Photography is amazing…and you’re pretty talented! I loved the last two especially…whoa, the colours and the focus…amazing.

  3. These are all wonderful Kara! I really like the first one, but the last one is also really beautiful. It’s so great that you can capture nature like that and bring out the beauty of it. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Wow, once again your skills are INCREDIBLE! That first rose is absolutely stunning! You can almost feel the texture of the petals. And the butterfly in the last one, just beautiful <3 Ooh, do you take requests? I would love to see leaves or blossoms budding for spring. Thanks for sharing Kara, I absolutely love this feature!

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