Top Things I’ve Learned About Myself Since Blogging



But . . . but, things can just be expressed so much better in capital letters!

2. I can be quite organized. I can also be very unorganized.

There are some weeks when I schedule posts weeks in advance, and some days when I’m desperately trying to write my Top Ten Tuesday the night before it’s supposed to post.

3. I like sharing things about me.

Random little facts, my photography — even some of my writing. When I’m courageous enough to post it.

4. I think I’m a little bit of big nerd.

Not in your typical I’m-a-human-calculator sense, more of a fangirl sort of nerd when it comes to books and TV shows. Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural . . . You name it, and I’m probably a fan of it. Probably. With some exceptions.

5. I procrastinate things, a lot.

I guess I knew this already before? Maybe, maybe not. But I’m generally finding that on every second blog post I write, there is a mention of that dreaded procrastination.

6. I like gifs. Duh.

Because sometimes, words just aren’t enough.

modern family animated GIF

So there you have it! Six things I’ve learned about myself since blogging. What have you learned about yourself as a blogger?



6 thoughts on “Top Things I’ve Learned About Myself Since Blogging

  1. Since I’m a new blogger, I haven’t learned much except that procrastination is contagious. It’s a struggle…😅

  2. I’ve learnt that I’m just as disorganised and spontaneous as I am in real life haha I’m super jealous (but very proud) that you even schedule! I gave up with that button a long time ago, because a) it kept spitting my posts out too early and me being lazy me, I liked to write half written things and leave it to the last second so that didn’t help, and b) (mostly this one) I’m pretty much living a life that needs more than 24hrs in a day and so I like to write my posts at the absolute last second.

    Like you, I do love a good bit of caps :P

  3. Love this! How long have you been blogging for Kara?
    Being disorganised (and sometimes organised) is something I can relate with…I have a schedule, but still there’s no way I can keep up with everything!
    The fun thing about blogging is sharing tidbits about yourself…and I’m glad you enjoy that, because we (the readers) enjoy reading blogs that have the “personal touch”.
    (That, and we’re nosy parkers). :P

  4. Ah, yes. This is great. And also very relatable. I’m not sure what I’ve learned about myself since blogging…I’ve probably just come to the realisation that my organisation habits are horrendous – similar to you, I’m either waaaay too organised, or very unorganised.

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