Friday Photography (5)


YAY! It’s Friday! Crack open your laptop and start . . . blogging. Or writing. You know, whatever the kids do these days. Here’s another lot of photography I’m quite proud of. Happy Friday, peoples.

Very Australian-looking, this one!


 I think this one might be my favourite picture this week! Who doesn’t like dandelions!? :)


 Funny, now I’m craving blueberries. Anyway, we have this growing in the backyard, so I thought I would snap a picture of it, and see how it looked. Turns out, I quite like it.


 No spiders, thank god, but a spider web in this one. Ironically, because I really, really, really fear spiders, I love their webs. So I just had to take a picture of it.


 Ah, this moth/butterfly thing absolutely refused to face me. Perhaps he was camera shy? Anyway, I still really liked this photo — look at the amazing pattern on its back!



That’s all my photography for this week.

It’s Friday — so go relax!


20 thoughts on “Friday Photography (5)

  1. LOVE THE DANDELION. AND JUST ALL OF THEM. Although I would be too paranoid of spiders to go near a web O_O there are about a million at my school.

    This Friday I actually CAN relax because NO MORE ASSESSMENTS. I mean, there’s still homework, but nothing stressful…thank goodness.

  2. YOU HAVE A BLUEBERRY TREE??!! CAN I cOME LIVE WITH YOU OH GOD, PLS. That picture has me so hungry now. Seriously. Amazing! <3

    I would normally say that Friday is a cause for cheer but lol, I work this weekend so Friday is essentially my Sunday–the quiet before the storm LOL

  3. You are obviously the master of taking pictures of bugs. I really like nature photography, too, but all the flowers are gone since it’s winter for me, so I have since taken to food photography. Food is pretty :) Anyways, I love the dandelion picture and the spider web picture. I hate spiders, too, but spider webs are just so beautiful-if you’re not walking into one, haha.

    • Aww, thank you! <3 Not sure I've *completely* mastered it (still figuring out of all of features on my camera… and I've it for over two years, ahah.) Gosh, it's the most awful feeling when you realized you've walked into a spiderweb, isn't it?!

  4. HOORAY! Friday Photography is back!
    I love these Kara, it’s amazing how you can capture these small moments that most of us don’t even notice. I especially love the dandelion too. Absolutely stunning! <3

  5. The first flower looked as if it was reaching its tendons out towards the sun. Breath-taking. The blueberries made me hungry (LOVE blueberries!) and they look pretty cute too. :D

  6. These are so PURDY. You’re a really good photographer, Kara. My favorite was the blueberries, for sure. Can’t wait for the next photos post! ;-)

  7. I LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY. Seriously it is amazing. And I love dandelions. My favourite is the blueberries though (YUM) or….well, you did photograph Morpheus WAIT WAIT I MEAN A MOTH. Heeeehe. xD

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