Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (42)

Sunday weekly wrap up

christmas tree animated GIF

So… What happened this week?

  • Revising! Lots of revising!
  • I joined a new library. New library = new books. I was going to shove those books into my Sunday Weekly Wrap Up post, but that would make this post rather long and full of pictures, so I thought it better to make it a separate post entirely. (That’s just how many books I borrowed; I need a whole post to show them off. Man, I have problems. I should not not allowed to join new libraries.)
  • I contemplated the fact that no matter how much I try to ignore a plot hole, it’s not just going to go away. Funny that.
  • IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS. <— Seriously, where has the time gone??
  • HSC results were released. Panic ensured.

aladdin animated GIF

  • I was going to share my ATAR with you all, but then I started reading about people getting into the 90s range, and I’m like, “HA HA. NOPE. NOT GONNA EMBARRASS MYSELF.” But I will say that in my actual results I got 70/100 — 84/100 in my subjects. Which is actually pretty good for someone who’s not academically gifted like me. But you know, with scaling and all that confusing ATAR crap that doesn’t really make all that much sense to me, I don’t think it’s worth mentioning.
  • Books read this week: The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard, Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong, Wait For You by J. Lynn, Ghost House by Alexandra Adornetto, The Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter, Unforgotten by Jessica Brody, Cursed by Jennifer L. Armentrout, Flirty Dancing by Jenny McLachlan. <—- This brings my total Books Read in 2014 challenge up to 177. :)
  • Due to Christmas madness, general laziness, and novel revision, I’ve been/will be slow in replying to comments and coming on your amazing blogs.

What happened on the blog this week?

It’s Christmas soon! How will you be celebrating?


18 thoughts on “Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (42)

  1. Yay happy revising!! Honestly I’m still getting over NaNoWriMo. Busiest month of my goddamn life. But hopefully I’ll start writing again soon! For Christmas I’ll be with family, of course, and hopefully eating my weight in food. Which I’m excited for (remind me not to wear a tight dress). Happy Christmas, Kara, and congratulations on your HSC results!!! You should be so proud of that :D

    Oh, and I LOVE that first GIF…couldn’t stop watching.

  2. Good luck with revising your novel! I will be jumping into revising and editing my first book in January with a couple of writerly friends. It should be fun. (Read: torturous) I’m so nervous because the whole process just seems really overwhelming. The funny thing is that editing is what I was looking forward to when I was trying to finish the draft. Now, I’m scared of editing. Oh well. Hopefully it will go better than I think.

    I’ll be celebrating Christmas with my family and probably sledding and drinking hot chocolate and a bunch of other wintery stuff.

  3. You’re editing AND reading that much?! YOU ARE A WIZARD. I read like 2 books this week and did…nothing else. >_< So embarrassing, ehehe. I just feel totally zonked by this year and I want to start reading again next year. Although if I do try and attempt that my TBR will most likely fall on me and kill me.
    OH NEW LIBRARIES ROCK! Can't wait for that post!! XD

  4. Ooh congrats on your HSC results! You should be proud with whatever you got–because you’re not just some number :D Wow though…YOU READ SO MANY BOOKS! Good job, Kara xD

    Have a merry christmas, girl <33

  5. Happy Christmas! (it’s a new thing round ours, instead of saying merry xmas everyone’s saying happy xmas).
    You joined a new library?!
    How freakin’ awesome…I’m kind of jealous. I went to the library today to fix my card problems, and ended up having to borrow books for my brother (but hey, most of the books are on astronomy, animals, and science experiments so I’m still a happy lass — I love science so much). AND I’M THINKING THAT 70/100 is pretty freakin’ awesome!!!!
    I can’t believe you’ve read 177 books! That puts my own pitiful 76 to shame. Really, it does.
    :D Still, SO MANY BOOKS.
    I look forward to your separate post on ze book haul!

  6. You sounds like you’ve had a pretty eventful week. I for one am eager to see the books you got from the new library =D I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas either. =/ Great post!

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