My 2015 Blog Goals


Hi guys! New year, new goals. I’ve done my writing goals, so now it’s time for blogging goals.

1. Review 3/4 of the books I read.

I think, as a reviewer, we try to review every book we read . . . but let’s face it: that’s almost impossible. Whether it’s time, or the fact that we don’t have much to say about a book, I don’t think many reviewers review every book they read. (Some probably do; but I read a lot of books.) So for 2015, my goal is to review three quarters of the books I read. Here’s why: an author goes through so much effort to write, revise, and edit a novel — so the least they deserve is a review, right?

2. Become self-hosted.

Okay . . . I’ll admit it: this is a scary, scary, scary one. It’s going to take a lot of trial and error, I think, but eventually I would love to become a self-hosted blogger. That way, I can a) have my own URL, and b) have more freedom with my blog, without being restricted by WordPress. (If anyone has any tips / suggestions for self-hosts, let me know. I’ve heard that Bluehost is the best. So please, please let me know!)

3. As well as getting a .com URL, a new name.

Because while I really do like Diary of a Teen Writer . . . I’m currently seventeen. Eighteen in March. Then what happens when I turn twenty? My blog name doesn’t exactly apply anymore, does it? For a blog name I was thinking [my name].com, but eh. We’ll see. :)

4. Giveaways! YAY.

This is something I plan on doing my next blog birthday. (Which, I now know to be the 22nd of December. How cool. My little baby is growing up so fast! *wipes tear from eye*) Anyway. I’d love to have a giveaway just to celebrate how awesome you all are.

5. Explore the blogosphere more.

I do try to get around — see what you amazing bloggers are up to and comment. Especially on smaller blogs, not only the popular ones, because I know how encouraging just one comment can be. But I still feel like I could do more of this. So many good blogs, so little time!

I think that’s it for my blogging goals. As a blogger, what are you looking to improve?


18 thoughts on “My 2015 Blog Goals

  1. Some of these goals are pretty similar to mine. I was doing well at reading other blogs and stuff and then uni got in the way, and I just fell out of the habit. I really miss reading other blogs.
    And I never really thought about reviewing every book I read, but rather just the ones I felt like needed a review. Sometimes I finish a book and just have to write a review for them. Other books, not so much. But I do try to review newer books more often.
    Though I won’t be going self-hosted for a while…even though free wordpress is ridiculously restrictive and I just want to strangle it sometimes.

  2. Good luck with accomplishing your goals! This year I want to focus on posting more book reviews because I’m refocusing my blog so that it’s mainly a book blog. I think I would like to get self-hosted eventually, but maybe not this year. Also, if you get your own domain name, I suggest you make it your name because then if you ever want to change your blog name you can do it with ease without changing your URL all over again. I want to explore the blogosphere more, too.

  3. These are great goals, and I look forward to seeing them unfold over the coming year! (I assume, of course, that we’ll get to see the results!) I look forward to seeing your new name, and watching the blog mature, as it were. :) Have fun getting these done!

  4. Good luck with accomplishing your goals! I have similar goals (except for the self-hosting part–that won’t be happening anytime soon), and good luck if you decide to go self-hosted, too!

  5. Good luck with your goals – these are great! I especially like the ‘exploring the blogosphere’ one. A lot of the people I knew when I first started my blog have stopped now and this year I would love to discover new bloggers and make new friends. After a year of really neglecting my blog, I’m also hoping to really get into things again! Happy New Year!

    Michelle @ The Unfinished Bookshelf

  6. I’d like to go self-hosted too, but the thought terrifies me! I’m not that great with computers, I pretty much just know the basics. WordPress do make things easy. Plus I’m not sure how much it will cost. So We’ll see.

    Great goals. Good luck in achieving them :)

  7. Haha, LOVE ALL OF THE GOALS! Uhuh, reviewing everything you read is pretty hard (at one time last year I got extremely stressed out over the amount of reviews I needed to write and promptly headed into a reading slump) however it is true that authors deserve a review – and that we poor readers would very much like one too!
    Becoming self-hosted is an excellent thing to try, and if you put your name as the blog’s domain then when you become a successful published author (I said when, didn’t I?) you’ll be able to carry this blog on :D

    • Yeah — that’s another thing, too . . . I don’t want to stress out about reviewing everything I read. It’s definitely a goal of mine, but if I don’t manage it, then that’s okay too.

      Haha. Me, a successful published author? Well. I can dream. :P

  8. These are all very wonderful and exciting blog goals for you Kara, especially going self hosted and picking your own domain! I went with bluehost first and I actually wouldn’t recommend them, I know there are a LOT Of positive experiences but I experienced many micro-down times with them. I’m now with dreamhost which isn’t very popular but it has worked well for me and their support is excellent. The only downside is that it requires a bit of technical knowhow, whereas bluehost was simply just one click.

    I decided recently that I wouldn’t review every book I read too because let’s face it, it’s just not plausible!

    • Oh dear, it’s shame to hear that about Bluehost! I think I’ll definitely have to look around and have a look at what people say about it. I also need to take into consideration costs and whatnot. I’m leaning more towards Bluehost at the moment though, because — like you said — it’s simple, and I’m not that great with technical things.

      You’re so right there. It’s pretty much impossible — especially when you read a lot.

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