My 2015 Reading Goals

My 2015 Reading Goals

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1. Read one hundred books.

Last year (wow – it feels so weird to be saying “last year”) I read 186 books. So I think I’ll be able to accomplish my goal. The problem with setting goals like this, though, is I don’t want to force myself to read. Reading should be enjoyable. I’d like to keep it that way.

2. Read at least ten books by Aussie authors.

I love Aussie authors. I should read more of them. Not sure how many of them I read in 2014, but I did manage quite a few.

3. Try branching out into other categories: Eg, read more New Adult.

Ones not written by JLA, because at the moment she’s my favourite NA author and I’d like to explore more. If you have any recs, then let me know . . .

4. Read some classics!

I personally find classics very hard to get into – and therefore enjoy. However high up on my TBR list is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. And I think I’ll love that one. (I hope.)

5. Give non-fiction books a proper chance.

I’ve only read one non-fiction book in my entire life. Gosh, that sounds awful . . . but it’s true. Non-fiction is something I don’t usually lean towards. Last year, though, I did read On Writing by Stephen King which I liked.

6. Pick up a book I usually wouldn’t.

For example – historical fiction, or a large book that would ordinarily put me off. I might find a hidden treasure which would otherwise been lost to me.

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So, there are my reading goals for 2015. Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve most / all of them!


21 thoughts on “My 2015 Reading Goals

  1. Awesome goals! The only classics I plan on reading are the ones for school, lol. But for non-fiction you should totally read memoirs – more similar to fiction and there are some AMAZING ones like This Star Won’t Go Out, Hope in a Ballet Shoe, Some Assembly Required…all really good.

    Good luck with these goals and the branching out :D

  2. Hey if you need recs for non-fiction, I could give you some! My favourite non-fiction books are memoirs. A.J. Jacobs is a clever and hilarious memoir writer, and some other good memoirs are Corked by Kathryn Borel and Anne Lamott also wrote some good memoirs (she also wrote a writing book called Bird by Bird).

  3. Good luck accomplishing these goals. I really want to read 100 books this year, too, as well as more classics and more nonfiction. I actually do a suitable job of reading classics and nonfiction, so I’d like to at least keep that up and preferably read more of those types of books. I hope you like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!

  4. Great goals! I rarely read classics, but there are a lot of great nonfiction books out there. Good luck!

  5. Love those resolutions Kara, I’ve got a few of those on my list too, like reading more classics. I’m wanting to read one per month. Ooh, we should start up a reading group and tackle the classics together and see if anyone else wants to join. That way the dull ones will seem much more enjoyable. 100 books is nothing to be sneezed at, I’ve set mine at 150, which is really TOO ambitious. I’ve slowed down a lot with my reading.

    Can’t wait to see you strike all these off your list Kara and thanks for sharing.
    Happy new year poppet <3

  6. Love all of these goals! Encourage reading more classics (the one that “got” me into classics was The Portrait of Dorian Gray – it’s excellent, small but “fabulous”) and hope that you come across MAAAANNNYYYYYY GOOD BOOKS. :D

  7. HOLY 186 DURING HSC YOU WIN. I don’t think I’ll touch 100 this year to be honest. Sad but eh…a girl can dream I suppose. AND good on you with Aussie authors. I need to do this actually. I’m horrible with homegrown talent. AND YES! I’m getting a little more in tune with NA nowadays as well :D Fantastic goals, Kara! x

  8. Great reading goals. I’m going for 100 books this year too, but I only read just over sixty last year so I’m stretching a bit. I’m sue we’ll both be able to achieve our goal :)

  9. Great goals for this year Kara, I do think you might find something you like if you branch out! WOAH you read 186 books last year, that is an achievement in itself. I set my goal at 100 books as well, although I am thinking of dropping it because I read around 120 books last year but sometimes it was with a bit of pressure. Good luck with 2015!

  10. OH if you want classics recs I am THE WOMAN. I once wrote a post on best classics to start off with, and included a bunch of short ones, because those are usually the easiest to get into. LWW is a great one (and one of my favorite books), and some others to try are:
    Rebecca (suspense)
    Any H.G. Wells (sci-fi)
    Poe’s most famous works (horror)
    Treasure Island (adventure)
    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (coming of age)

    I’m with you on the nonfiction thing, though. I really don’t read a lot of it – I need STORY, and sometimes I’m afraid that nonfiction won’t have it. My most favorite nonfiction ever, though, is Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman. I suppose I’d call it an autobiography of Richard Feynman, the physicist who won the Nobel Prize a bunch of years ago. It’s hilarious and nerdy and touching, and you don’t need to know physics to love it. You should check it out.

    Good luck on your resolutions!

  11. I really want to read more Aussie authors but I feel like if I make it a goal, then I won’t do it. :P I just have to hope that I’ll get around to some that I’ve been looking forward to. Best of luck with all your 2015 reading goals!

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