Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (44) & Stacking the Shelves (25) The Week In Which Kara Set Lots of Goals, and Embraces a New Year

Sunday weekly wrap up


Here’s what happened this week!

  • I chose a new blog theme! What do you think? I’m quite fond of it. Especially the way the front page is set out.
  • We waved goodbye to 2014 and reluctantly let 2015 in our lives.
  • Being the completely anti-social person that I am, I did nothing whatsoever on New Year’s Eve, save from eat a lot and watch the fireworks on TV.
  • I contemplated the utter waste of New Year’s Eve celebrations, and how the money probably be better spend on other things. Like, you know, homelessness. Or Ebola. Or pretty much anything else.
  • I’ve given up chocolate. Funnily enough — I haven’t been craving it like last time. Probably because of the obscene amount of it I ate during Christmas.
  • I declared the first week of 2015 to be The Week of Setting Goals I Probably Won’t Keep.
  • I watched Terminator 2 — Judgement Day, and absolutely loved it. After watching the old version of Total Recall, I’ve realized that Arnold what’s-his-face is an OK actor when he doesn’t have to, you know, show human emotion.
  • Books read this week: Are You Seeing Me? by Darren Groth; Geek Girl by Holly Smale; Be With Me by J. Lynn; The Protected by Claire Zorn; The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson; and The Sky So Heavy by Claire Zorn. Six books! All in all, not a bad effort.
  • I demonstrated amazing restraint at the library and did not borrow more than three books. I know, I know, I’m a legend.
  • This brings me to the end of my rather dull week, and also a Stacking the Shelves post.


This is the meme where you can highlight books you’ve bought/borrowed/gifted/received for review. You can read more on the meme and how to get involved here!


  • The Aftermath by
  • Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick
  • Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover

On the blog this week:

Don’t worry — there won’t be anymore goal-setting for quite some time. I’m sure you’re all sick of that by now. ;)

 That’s all from me this week! How was your New Year’s (Not sure of correct grammar here?)? Did you celebrate a lot? Let me know!


22 thoughts on “Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (44) & Stacking the Shelves (25) The Week In Which Kara Set Lots of Goals, and Embraces a New Year

  1. Yay! I love your new website design. I’ve spent about the past three weeks thinking up goals for the year and then breaking them up into monthly goals to help me get to my yearly goals. Then I wrote everything down in a binder and kind of tried to make it look a little colorful AND I AM VERY PROUD OF MYSELF. I feel like this will help me actually achieve my goals this year. I want to read Are You Seeing Me?. It sounds like an awesome book.

    • Thanks — I’m glad you like the new design! Breaking them down further is a really good idea. That way they mightn’t seem as overwhelming. Haha, look at you, being all organized!!! :P I am jealous. I don’t think I’ll ever be as organized as that! Are You Seeing Me? was a really good book; I would definitely recommend it. I love the fact that it features a disabled character. There isn’t much of that in YA.

  2. LOVE the new theme. It’s nice having the posts all in small bite-sized chunks :P and we didn’t do much for New Year’s either. Just a couple of movies and then the London fireworks on TV. They were PRETTY great.

    I applaud you on the restraint you showed at the library. You are a stronger woman than i.

  3. I do love your posts and the new front page so you can see more of what’s on the blog at one time! I usually veg around and sleep early on NYE but this one I was partying at a friend’s house. We were pretty disappointed that we missed out on the fireworks on TV though, I don’t know whether it was because of day light savings or what. READ LOSING HOPE YOU WILL LOVE IT

  4. Black Ice and Losing Hope!! I really enjoyed both of those books, so I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on them. I liked how Black Ice was really different from Becca Fitzpatricks past books.

  5. I love your new theme. And for New year’s, I just watched the fireworks and then played video game till dawn.

    By the way, six books in a week sounds like a lot. How do you read so fast?

  6. OH it IS a new theme…I thought I was going crazy for a second.
    I like it.
    6 books in one week!? That’s amazing!
    And you gave up chocolate!?!?!? I’m both impressed and horrified,.

    • Ha ha, nope, you’re not crazy. It’s definitely different. :) I actually didn’t think six was that much, but by judging from some of the comments, it must be! O.o Yeah. I did eat chocolate brownies today. Can I plead insane tiredness, and that I needed chocolate to keep me awake?? ;)

  7. Love the fireworks! And the new theme :)
    Tumblr is awesome (I’m going to go follow you now) you will spend what feels like 5 minutes has passed and realise it’s been 2 hours! There are lots of obsessed book addicts on there!
    Wow six books in a week is great, and yay to you for not borrowing more than 3 books.


    Oh tumblr. Have fun with that. That goodness I’m not on that anymore. I barely have any time right now. Oh Aftermath! I’m super curious about that one. I hope you enjoy!

    NYE? I spent it out with two of my closest girlfriends and it was fantastic to catch up again. Eh, until the drinking got to them and the conversations fizzled into weird, weird territory after midnight hahahaa I HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD ONE THOUGH. I think I’m going to spend next year in because I’m tired LOL

  9. You’re not the only one who contemplates the utter waste of New Year’s Eve celebrations. That thought came to me every. single. year. Like five million dollars. Boom. Gone. Really, helpful government?

    • EXACTLY. Overall I think the NYE celebrations (not just fireworks — but everything else included) came up to like, 7 million here in Australia. I get the desire to celebrate the new year, but do we have to do it in such an elaborate, expensive way?

  10. I’m still really really worried about you (sure you’re not sick?!!) since you didn’t descend upon the library and eat it all.

    OOH. TUMBLR! I’ve actually (weirdly) felt like joining recently, but noooo. I do not need another social media platform. XD But tempting.

  11. I love your new theme Kara – it’s always fun to mix things up a bit on your blog :) Seeing Losing Hope here has reminded me that I really need to read Hopeless since it’s been sitting on my shelf for so long *sets off to fix that ASAP*

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